Monday, 30 April 2012

Beltane Reading

Today is known as Beltane Eve, and tomorrow, 1st May, is Beltane proper.  Leftover traces of this old festival are found in the fact that almost all European countries celebrate the First of May as a public holiday.  Researching it a little, I discovered that it actually used to be celebrated in the way that Jewish festivals still are: from sunset this evening until sunset tomorrow.  In a time before accurate and universalised methods of telling the time, this made a lot more sense than counting days from midnight, which is pretty impossible to calculate by natural means.

©Emily Carding
This is an important sabbat for neopagan's, too, and I did a reading for the day with my Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).  It made so much sense to me!  In the "Now" position I drew the High Priestess, which represents the fact that I will be leading a Beltane ritual today, my first of this year.  She also speaks to my renewed dedication to this path, as I have recently accepted the Horned God onto my altar for the first time.

In the "Don't" position I received the Warrior Princess (equivalent to the Page of Wands).  In Emily Carding's deck, she offers us the Gift of Courage.  I think this is a fabulous card, and normally aspire to her energy.  However, in this position she says to me that I shouldn't try to be too focused and directive with this ritual.  Instead, I need to allow a more natural, emotional flow to it, as the Dancer Eight card tells me (Eight of Cups).

The Dancer Eight as what to "Do" also says that I should move forward with an open heart, knowing this is a natural part of my path.  I should be guided by my search for illumination and emotional attunement, rather than focusing on "doing" the ritual, which might remain somewhat empty and stagnant if not filled with true seeking for divine union.

Blessed Be!

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