Friday, 27 April 2012


Wildwood Tarot ©Will Worthington & Mark Ryan
Recently, I feel more and more drawn to deepening my spiritual practice and path.  It's a road I have long walked, in one way or another, and now my steps lead me here.  Where next?  We'll see.

For years, I have followed an eclectic path, strongly influenced by Starhawk's teachings of the Faery Wicca Tradition.  Even before I found that, though, the Goddess drew me.  I remember, as an 8 year old, driving with my mum and stepdad to a cousin's wedding and saying, "I don't believe in Jesus, I believe in Mother Earth."  Fortunately, my mother wasn't too horrified: she's a witch herself :)

The two main Goddesses I worship are Brigid and Hekate, and the Horned God has just recently found his place on my altar (which I'll do a video blog of at some point).  For a long time, I didn't feel the need to worship the God.  I felt that male divinity got plenty of attention elsewhere, and that as a woman the Goddess was more relevant to me.  Perhaps, also, I needed Her influence, as I was always rather a tomboy and have often been told that I am quite masculine/pushy/assertive/self-confident.  Now, though, I am doing some fertility spellworking, and a little male input seems rather relevant ;)

So, I hope to share some of my path, and explore that of other's too, through this blog and my Youtube channel.

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