Saturday, 19 May 2012

Faerie Star Spread

Recently, one of the tarot blogs I follow (Songs from the Wishing Tree) posted a spread for working with Faerie energies.  I'm in the process of putting together a faerie altar, so this sounded like an excellent idea!

I used my favourite Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011), and the positions are:

1) What do I take to the Otherworld?  Maker King

I take to the Otherworld the ability to create, to manifest, and also a groundedness which will always help bring me back.  I have the ability to learn new skills, and then apply them in the real world.

2) Who am I meeting in the Otherworld?  VIII Justice

I will meet beings who balance between Dark and Light.  They do not fulfill our human notions of good and bad, they just are.  They are connected to cold and heat, water and air, dark and light, balancing all the polarities as if they were not different points on a scale, but the single beating heart of the cosmos.

©Emily Carding
3) What would be the most constructive way for me to work with my companions?  Warrior Six

I need to trust that this is the work I should be doing, and that I am capable of doing it.  My companions promise that they will always be there to support me, but I have to take responsibility for actually doing the work, making the effort, exploring this Otherworld.

4) What do my companions bring to me?  XVI The Tower

My companions will help shatter the rigidity of my everyday perspective, opening me to finding my deeper self.  This may not be a comfortable process, but it will allow for growth and let me fly beyond my expectations.

5) What do I bring to my companions?  Dreamer Eight

I bring to the faeries a somewhat fragmented person, trapped in my own self-criticism and negative behaviours, afraid to see who I truly am at a deep level.

6) What do my companions want me to do?  Dreamer Four

My companions want me to allow myself to be reborn, to take the fragments, shatter the structure that has been holding them together, and recreate myself completely afresh.

7) What do I bring back to my world?  Warrior Eight

I will bring back to the world renewed energy and dynamism, the ability to fly high and see far and burn with an inner passion that will warm me for years to come.

Quintessence - X The Wheel & I The Magician

The Quintessence of the reading is calculated by adding up the number of all the cards, and distilling it down to a number from the Majors.  In this case, the cards add up to 64, distilled to 10 and 1, the Wheel and the Magician.  This suggests that there is a great potential for growth and change from this work, which while not always easy offers the potential for abundant spiritual lessons.  These will allow me to manifest my will in new and powerful ways.

This was a remarkably consistent reading, with lovely flow through the Tower, Dreamer Eight and into the more upbeat Dreamer Four and Warrior Eight.  I shall continue to meditate on it, and look forward to entering the Faerie Ring!


  1. I've been looking for this spread everywhere! I'm so glad to find it here *does happy dance.* :D

    1. :D Of course, because you changed blog host. Glad I could help out!