Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fairy Ring Oracle Interview

©Anna Franklin & Paul Mason
Something I like to do with new decks is "interview" them, to get a feel for how we may best work together. Having recently received the Fairy Ring Oracle (Llewellyn, 2002), I decided to ask it some questions. Rather than a fixed set of questions for every deck, I personalised these questions based on the Fairy Ring's own suits (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and cards (Fairy Festivals/Sabbats).

Because this deck has a completely different system to a tarot deck, the learning curve is a fair bit steeper. For each card, I wrote my first, intuitive reading (I), and then what I gleaned from the book (B) - interesting to note where these are similar or different:

Spring - what new beginning do you offer me? 8 of Spring - Billy Winkler 

(I) I will help you bring new understanding to your dreams and path working.
(B) I offer you a renewed sense of peace and relaxation, the ability to sleep.

Summer - how will you help me blossom? 7 of Autumn - The Lake Maiden 

(I) I will remind you of your strength and ability to inspire others.
(B) I will equip you with the tools you need to succeed, as well as helping with your healing.

Autumn - what will I harvest with you? Fairy Festival - Samhain 

(I) I will show you how to commune with spirits that have passed beyond the veil, and light your way into the Otherworld.
(B) With me, you will harvest an appreciation of endings, and the importance of the cycle of life and death.

Winter - what will you teach me about letting go? Queen of Winter - Mab 

(I)  I will teach you of the beauty of death, and how it serves for new beginnings. Like my clothes, which are made of dead leaves, that which loses one purpose can gain another, and it is only through releasing that we allow this new potential to manifest.
(B) Through dreams and pathworking, I can usher in an acceptance of endings. I bring insight into past present and future, and initiation. Dare to dream and to live the dream. Through letting go, new creativity blossoms.

Festival - what is your overarching message to me? Lady of Spring - The White Lady 

(I) I bring you the potential for cleansing, for purification through communing with spirits and fairies beyond your ken.
(B) I will help you connect with your local nature spirits. Also, through working with us, great changes will come about in you like oaks from acorns.

My intuitive readings were quite different from the book-based readings, but definitely still interesting and relevant.  I can see that I will gain a lot from using the book, as it gives lots of historical information about different fairy creatures.  It is clearly well-researched, and has already led me to a completely new understanding of the Wee Folk!  Although I agree with owlmoon513's opinion about the artwork, I also agree with her assessment that this deck is a valuable tool when working with the Hidden Folk.


  1. I am not familiar with this deck, but I believe Anna Franklin lives in my town. Completely irrelevant! I wonder if you still look at this deck, a year on?

    1. Not much, to be honest, been so wrapped up in all things Lenormand... :/