Sunday, 24 June 2012

Child of the Moon

©Lucy Cavendish & Selina Fenech
This card from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery (Blue Angel, 2009) makes me think of rites to call down the moon.  In that sense, I see the link with forgiveness and transcending the ego: when we connect with the divine, we can let go of our own smallness for a little while, and trust in the love of spirit, gracious and forgiving.  
To me, this faery seems to sway to the rhythm of a music we cannot hear, and she reminds me that one way of achieving this divine connection is through dance.  I notice, too, the fact that she stands on a single spiders thread: when we embrace the Goddess we step outside of the web of life, if only for a moment.  Still connected to, yet not enveloped in, the mundane, we balance the spiritual and the physical, and can see beyond the everyday.
I have need of this message right now, a reminder to forgive my perceived imperfections.  The Goddess loves us all just as we are right this minute, not as we wish we still were or might one day be.  Those are just traps of the ego, believing we know what is best, but not necessarily respecting or understanding the dark pull of emotions, the changing tides of life.

As I step back into home and family, work and play, I shall try to remember that while I weave the web of my life, it also weaves me, in a constant to and fro that is not under my control.  I shall pray to the Goddess to help me make my dreams into reality, but I shall also remember that ultimately she will guide me to a path that suits me, whether I know it or not...

At least I am a bit happier today.  I used the guidance of spirit yesterday to speak with my DH, and realised he was pretty much oblivious to all the pain and worrying I'd been through.  So, I forgive him for not noticing, and I forgive myself for worrying!

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