Friday, 22 June 2012

Cry for Nature

©Selina French
Harsh winds or the will of man have felled a great tree, and a faery huddles naked and despairing on its stump, tattered wings exposed to the elements.  Was this tree her home?  Perhaps her sacred space?  Or both?  Whatever the case, she mourns it.
For me this week, the mourning is definitely caused by human intervention.  My DH made a comment last week in which he mocked a ritual we had done together for Beltane, and I’m finding it cut me to the core.  It was the first time that I had invited him to join me in a celebration, and on the day if felt like it went really well - I had hoped we might do more rituals together.  
Now, though, I feel like not only do I not want to do anything spiritual with him, I don’t even really want to talk to him.  I’m pretty sure he only made the comment because he was angry with me.  Still, it feels like a complete dismissal of my beliefs and of me as a person.
It fits, too, with the title of this card, as I was asking for us to consider a natural, gentle, emotionally considerate approach to something when he made the comment, while he wants to go in all guns blazing.  
So, I mourn the coming of science and all its ills, and I mourn my trust in his respect for what I consider sacred.  I just hope I don’t end up mourning our relationship itself.

Image from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle (Blue Angel, 2009).


  1. It's a beautiful card, even though it is sad. I think Science in itself is a good thing - but as Sting once said (and I CANNOT believe that I am quoting Sting lol!) 'I've never seen science or progress that didn't turn from a blessing to a curse.' That's really OUR fault, not the science itself.

    As far as your hubby goes - men can be insensitive arses sometimes. Sending you a (((hug))). May it sort it self out for you very soon!

    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,

      It is a beautiful card, it's true. Great quote, too, and I have nothing against Sting - good singer, and a good yogi, too ;D

      Thanks for the (((hug))). I know I need to talk to him about it - insensitive arse is right, I don't think he realises there's anything wrong! Still, that's probably my fault for not saying it clearly and loudly :) I just don't like the confrontation, or the "what on earth are you talking about" face :/

      Hope you have a good weekend,
      Kerry x