Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Heart of Faerie Interview

Having long been a fan of Brian Froud and Jessia Macbeth's Faeries Oracle (Simon & Schuster, 2001), I recently purchased the Heart of Faerie Oracle (Abrams Books, 2010).  And so, to get us better acquainted, I decided a quick interview was in order.  I chose to just ask three questions, based on the theme of the deck, which is relationships, the balancing of masculine and feminine energies, and the  journey to faerieland.

What is the prime energy of our relationship?  The Gift

The prime energy of our relationship is one of sharing, of giving and receiving generously.  This deck, and our whole relationship, will be a gift to my continued exploration of faery, and of my path.  Not only that, our relationship will help deepen my connection with nature (the Green Man aspect of the image), and balance the male and female energies inside me (a female body but a male face and horns). I also see this deck offering me a way to connect with the Goddess and God, who are both referenced here.  A feeling of being spiritually connected, in harmony with life, is the greatest gift!

What balances this?  One of the unnamed cards

In this deck, as well as 65 numbered and titled cards, there are also three that just are.  They have no explanation in the book, simply the naked images.  That's something I rather like, being an intuitive reader in any case, so I decided to leave them in the deck when reading.  And lo, in this interview one of them came out to play!  So, as well as the very spiritual nature of this deck and the sharing that it brings, there is also a playfulness, a sense of mystery, and a challenge to step up, to bring my intuition into sharper focus, and to allow myself to be surprised by what we share.  Sometimes the messages may be confusing, psychedelic, jumbled, but bit by bit they will open connections leading to that more spiritual message of the gift.

What journey will we take together?  Oh No!

What I see here is that this is a journey to flesh out my understanding of faerie, and to bring colour to my life.  While this may sometimes drive me a bit mad with its secrets and its cheekiness, there is also a playfulness, a joy in nature and a sense of humour that will make the journey forever interesting ;D

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