Saturday, 23 June 2012

Storm Beacon Fairy

©Lucy Cavendish & Jasmine Becket-Griffith
I drew this card from the Oracle of Shadows and Light (Blue Angel, 2010), and was struck by the message on it: "Guidance, but where will it lead you?"

Is it really that the faeries may guide us to our doom, or is it more that we can misinterpret their messages?  Pathworking with this card, I felt how hard it is to act as a beacon for others - it is a heavy responsibility to bear, and we have little control over how others respond to our light.  They may see it as a message to come close, or a warning to keep away.

All we can do is to act as light workers, to shine as brightly and as clearly as we can.  And in working with faeries, we must take responsibility for how we respond to their messages, and for where we go.  Ultimately, the faeries are what they are, and it is how we react to them that will determine whether we find help or hindrance.

Not only that, what seems like hindrance today may, over time, reveal itself to be a lesson that we needed to learn.  For example, my current problems with my DH are a perfect opportunity to work on clearer communication, on honouring my needs and expressing them in a way that can be heard.

Perhaps if the faeries guide us onto some rocks, it is because we need to smash the boat we're in so we can have a swim in the sea of emotion...

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