Sunday, 8 July 2012

Meet the Sidhe - Part 1

©Emily Carding
I intend to explore all the cards of Emily Carding's wonderful Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011), and where better to start that with the Fool?

Unlike some traditional versions of this card, where our Fool pootles along a cliff edge insouciantly, held back from falling by his little dog, this chap is charging out into the unknown, full of self-confidence.  I notice his flaming red hair, which echoes the sun rising behind him.  It shows his sunny nature, his innocent trust in the world and enthusiasm to explore it.  He is totally open-hearted, arms reaching to the sides, embracing whatever will come.  However, he's not just all ego and fire, jumping into things foolhardily.  We talk about putting your best foot forward, and he has his left leg forward, while his right leg is twisted off to the side in what looks like a rather uncomfortable position.  So, he moves forward from a place that is also intuitive and creative, rather than simply focused on doing and achieving.

As I meditated on this card, I became aware of the interplay of elements in it.  The sun is obvious as a source of heat, and likewise his flaming hair symbolises the element of fire.  The mountains in the distance, the sunny field with waving red flowers, and the Fool's body, which he feels as his arms spread wide and his legs propel him forward, are all aspects of the element of earth.  He jumps out into a chasm, with clouds floating around in it, and from his back stream red ribbons, moving in the breeze, all representing the element of air.  Where, though, is the water?

At first I thought it just wasn't there, and wondered what that said about our friend the Fool.  Then I flashed on an image of the Grand Canyon, carved over the millennia by the passage of water!  The abyss he so blithely plunges into represents water, in an indirect way.  He is jumping into life, into all its highs and lows created by the emotions that flow or swirl within and between us, shaping us as we act and react, exploring our inner and outer worlds.  He is taking the plunge, diving into a world of emotion that connects every creature in it.  The ultimate adventure is in finding ourselves in connection, rather than alone.

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