Sunday, 15 July 2012

Meet the Sidhe - Part 2

©Emily Carding
This week, it's time to meet the Magician from the Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).

He's pretty different to traditional images, a strange creature with wings and a mer-tail, fireballs in his hands and a tree growing from his head.  He floats above a bucolic landscape, with green hills rising up to either side and a river running between them, out into the sea.  Behind him, the sun shines red, while the Great Glyph of the Sidhe glows in blue at his throat, a portal through to the faery realm.

I love the way this Magician feels truly elemental: it's not that he can use all the elements, all the suit tools of the traditional tarot versions of the card.  No, he IS the elements and they are him.  The landscape around him echoes this truth, with a balanced mix of all the elements in the fiery sun, the clear air of the sky, the fertile earth, and the flowing water of both river and sea.

This Magician incorporates the elements in his very being.  He doesn't wield a sword, symbol of the intellect.  Instead, he has wings so that he can get perspective on any situation to help him choose strategically.  Getting an overview, he can make better decisions about how to act, how to implement his will.

He doesn't brandish a wand, symbol of action guided by will.  Instead, fireballs sit on the palms of his hands, ready to use.  They are a quick response to whatever comes his way.  With them, he can burn away what is no longer of use, warm a child, cook food for nourishment, or light the dark to continue doing what he's doing.

He doesn't have a pentacle on the table before him.  Instead, from his head a tree grows, symbolising the growth potential of his thoughts, the fact that he can manifest in the real world the ideas in his mind.  This makes me think of visualising in order to work the law of attraction, or the fact that until we make a conscious decision, we are unlikely to get much done.

He doesn't look down at a cup sitting before him.  Instead, he has a tail like a mer-man, symbolising that he is as comfortable in water as he is in the air.  He can swim through the deep waters of emotion without drowning.  Rather, he brings forth the wisdom of the depths and speaks it: hence the echo of blue at his throat chakra.

The Sidhe Magician reminds me that I should keep things simple - in order to manifest my will what I need is first to decide what my will is.  The rest will follow naturally.

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