Monday, 2 July 2012

Prince of Light Spread

Following on from yesterday's post, I was inspired to create a spread based on the Prince of Light card from the Heart of Faerie Oracle (Abrams Books, 2010).

©Brian & Wendy Froud

1) What dance moves you?  What is currently inspiring you to act?

18 - The Thief - I want to leave behind my current job, to move silently away from a situation that doesn't feel fully true to myself.  It's not that I don't like what I do, just that something else is calling me in this moment.  I feel like I always have to "steal" the time for my passion, for what now feels important, because of the demands of my work.  Time to end that.

2) What end does it herald?

58 - The Shadow of the Past - This card says to me that I am ready to leave behind past pains that have been preventing me from making this change.  Having had a bad experience before in the arena that is calling me, I have hesitated to return.  Recent work on myself, though, has allowed me to face these shadows, so that I can now move forward without their taint.

3) What seed will it sow?

10 - The Captive Man - Yikes, this is a rather scary card!  Overall, though, the message I get from it is like that of the Hanged Man in the tarot - a time of patience and waiting that will lead to the birth of something new.  We often have to struggle in a place of in between, like the seed in the earth waiting through the winter before it can put up new shoots and become what it is meant to be.  This change will not be a fast one, it will not happen overnight.  Yet it has the potential to bring new growth and a total change in perspective, a new way of life.

If you'd like me to do this reading for you, why not choose "Customised Reading" from the Short Readings button on my Tarot Readings page, and say in the notes that you'd like the Prince of Light Spread :)

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