Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lughnasadh Door

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A few days ago I posted about my first experience pathworking with the Greenman's Door card from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle (Blue Angel, 2009).  Although I thought it would be good to meditate with it again on Lughnasadh, I also like to draw my cards at random.  So, I stuck it back in the deck, shuffled, fanned the cards and picked one with my left hand, eyes closed (my normal method of choosing cards).  And what should I find but the Greenman's Door - love it!

So, yesterday I meditated again on this card.  The companion book had said that the doorway opens on the sabbats, and whether it was the power of suggestion or something else, it turned out to be the case.  When I entered the card, both the faery and the Greenman were all aflutter.  Well, the faery more so, but the Greenman was pretty chirpy ;)  And the door through to faery stood open, inviting me in...

This time my meditation was a reminder that the spirit of the sabbats isn't just about, well, spirit.  I joined a rambunctious party, with no small amount of dancing, drinking, feasting, and telling of tall tales.  As a mainly solitary witch, I don't really associate this with the sabbats, more with mundane parties that fall when they fall.  And while I'm trying to meld the two a little more, with a summer solstice picnic planned yearly, most times I celebrate the sabbats alone with my DH.

It was lovely to have this experience, to feel the energy of a sabbat party.  How about the rest of you: what was your Lughnasadh like?

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