Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meet the Sidhe - Part 6

©Emily Carding
This week has been a far more mellow one for me with the Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).  While I am not always a big fan of traditional Hierophant cards, Emily Carding's Sidhe version is very different!

We are welcomed into a wise council, made up of a snake, a tree, and a Sidhe lady.  They meet in a verdant meadow, around a tree stump etched with the Great Glyph of the Sidhe.  Each has something to offer, yet they also bid us make ourselves at home and join them in their council, sharing our knowledge with them, too.

The snake tells me of the importance of being willing to let go, to shed parts of our life that no longer fit us.  It is easy to get stuck with the colours that we choose for ourselves, or with which others paint us.  Yet, we always have the choice to shed those, to take on a new way of being, to show our true colours.  True in this moment, anyway...

The tree speaks of our connection with the world around us, with the elements, and the other creatures.  The tree's roots anchor him in the earth, but are also a playground for rabbit warrens, moles, insects and worms.  The tree's trunk may be home to other creatures, too, birds, insects, squirrels...  Meanwhile, his branches reach up into the sky: playing with the wind and rustling with tales from afar; bathing in the rain that cleanses and nourishes; soaking up the sunshine that warms and feeds.  Likewise, we are always in connection, affected by everything and everyone around us.  We may forget our connection with nature, living in urban landscapes, yet we can never escape it entirely, nor should we.  In the same way, we are always affected by the people in our lives, both near and far.  They shape our environment, our life, our ideas and passions.

The Lady of the Sidhe speaks of the Otherworld, reminding us of the magic of life.  She is the voice of the Sidhe: calling us to join them in listening to nature; connecting with spirit; retreating from the everyday, if only for a few moments.  She speaks of the joy of dancing in the moonlight, of listening to the heartbeat of the earth, of honouring the lifeforce in every creature we meet.

And yet, with all this wisdom, we too are called to take our place, to join these beings and share our thoughts, our passions, our inspiration.  I am reminded of wisdom councils I have taken part in.  Every member, no matter how inexperienced or unknowledgeable they believe themselves to be, has always shared something of value, adding to the learning of all.  We are always both student and teacher, and this card reminds me of that, doing away with hierarchy and power-over.  When we share together, we are so much stronger and wiser: tapping into our inner power, and the power of the group.

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