Monday, 27 August 2012

Meet the Sidhe - Part 7

©Emily Carding
This week, the card to explore is the Lovers from Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).  In the companion book, Emily writes: "this was only the second card that I completed.  This may explain why I enthusiastically hurled every symbol imaginable into the mix!" :D

There are two intertwined snakes among the intertwined branches of the tree.  A female faery holding a moon and a male faery holding a sun.  A river that splits in two to flow around a sacred fire, with a black and a white dove rising above it.  A male Sidhe warrior with a sword and a white cape, and a female Sidhe maid with a red cape and cup face one another across the divide of the river, each leaning against a tree.  In the distance, mountains, suggesting wisdom, where the water and the earth combine.

When I meditated with this card, one of the things that came up for me is firstly that we can choose what we want to believe or act on.  It doesn't have to be right or wrong, our choicefulness is what makes it important.  What we choose affects how we respond, and so will help influence the outcome.

I am trying to choose to believe that all will be well with my pregnancy.  I had a miscarriage before my son was born, so I know this might not work out.  I pin my hope to the Star card which came up before, not because I truly believe it foretells the future, but because believing all will be well is more likely to help create that future than my worrying and panicking and not sleeping.

Another thing that came to me was a reminder that, even when things seem like opposites, they rarely are.  Male and female, black and white, sun and moon, they are not mutually exclusive, but rather two sides to a coin, two aspects of the same continuum.  I remember someone once saying to me that the two ends of a spectrum actually bend around to almost meet, so that what seems furthest apart may in fact be closest together.

Does it matter, then, what we choose, if things aren't really all that different?  "Yes," I was told "it still does."  We create not only our reality but ourselves through the choices that we make, the actions that we take, and what we choose to believe.

I countered with "But many of our choices are habitual!"  The sidhe said that doesn't matter, we are choosing to remain in our habitual patterns, but we can also choose to change them.  It isn't always easy, but it is always a choice.

We can be afraid of making choices, scared of what will happen if we fail, and equally if we should succeed.  Yet, as Arwen reminded us in a recent post (which I sadly can't find) not making a choice is also a choice, and frequently a poor one!

Our choices also rarely affect just ourself.  We are connected to everyone around us, both at a personal level, and at a societal level.  Our actions influence others, even when we don't intend it or aren't aware of it.  And then there are choices which are more obviously about more than just ourself, decisions which we take with others, or where we commit to something beyond ourself.

I didn't expect to find such complexity in a card which many associate just with finding true love... ;)

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  1. Great tarot conversation!

    I agree 100% on the 'no choice is a choice' and the even a small choice or change is still a change/choice, and it can actually have surprisingly large impact later. Such as changing your diet or exercise slightly, then subsequently losing 50 pounds over a year...