Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Emperor In My Life

As I did with the Magician and the Empress, I decided to take a look at what I need to know about the Emperor in my life right now.  So, I shuffled him back into the deck after meditating on him, and then hunted through til I found him again.  As with the Empress, he was the very last card in the pack!  I am so not getting along with these two archetypes at the moment :(

The Emperor came at the bottom, next to the Maker Two card, subtitled "Responsibility".  And so, I'm right back to what I wrote about yesterday.  That the Emperor is all about my relationship to my son - both in terms of his Emperor traits, and my own in dealing with him.

What this reading adds is to emphasise the aspect of responsibility - a reminder that the Emperor lays down rules out of a sense of duty.  The Emperor's rules are about making life easier and better - it may not always seem that way at the time, or to the person on whom the rules are imposed.  Yet it is out of a sense of responsibility that he wants things to be organised, that he demands consistency and clarity.  His forcefulness isn't based on anger, but on determination and good intentions.

Remembering those good intentions, and allowing myself to be a bit more determined, will help me manage the responsibilities in my life.