Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hermit's Understanding

©Emily Carding
To explore some of what came up for me in my meditation on the Tarot of the Sidhe Hermit (Schiffer, 2011) I decided to do a little reading.

What aspect of my self do I need to understand better?  Dreamer Ten - Desolation

The part of my self that I need to get to grips with is my fears, my sense of desolation, what my DH sometimes calls my "catastrophising".  I often come up with worst case scenarios, and fear that they will come to pass.

I know this is a bad habit.  Focusing on the negative, devoting energy to it, is a waste of that energy.  Instead, I need to look towards what I can do to work towards a positive outcome.  I think part of the problem comes when I feel impotent, powerless to make much difference.  As many wise teachers have said, we always have the power to decide how to respond to our own emotions - they are not forced on us, we choose to accept them.

©Emily Carding

What learning can I gain at this time?  Dancer Nine - Make a Wish

What this card says to me is that, if I weren't so full of wishes, I would also not be so full of fears - the two are intimately related.  If I didn't wish for a child, I wouldn't be afraid that I'll never manage to have one.  If I didn't wish for success in my studies, I wouldn't be so nervous at delays and setbacks.

This suggests I need to do more than dream and wish, more than worry.  I need to act, to do, to get on with things.  Of course, I don't have the power to control everything in the world, or even just in my life.  Still, if I figure out what it is I can do, what I need to do, then I can actually do it.

I have some ideas and some plans on that front, so hopefully I will, overtime, make some of my dreams into realities :)


  1. I completely understand about the catastrophizing. The trick is figuring out what you can control and learning to let the rest take care of itself. And then once you figure out what you can control, the other trick is to start taking the necessary steps. Every little action reduces your (and my) anxiety.

  2. We seem to have similar tendencies to be in our heads all the time rather than doing. And we seem to be getting similar messages lately! I like your interpretation of Dancer 9. In fact, I don't think the message is to DO things toward your dreams, just to do something. It could be something to get your mind off of things. Just doing something. Heck, even cleaning out a closet or doing anything that absorbs you to the point that you can't start ruminating about this stuff--you can't let your mind jump right back into that same old worn out groove again which it loves so much! I guess that could be called a distraction, but distractions are needed sometimes. They give us a respite to get some needed perspective on things.