Tuesday, 18 September 2012


©Emily Carding
To explore the Justice card a little further, I shuffled it back into the deck, then looked to see where it was placed.  I found it with the Warrior Five to one side and the World to the other, right at the bottom of the pack.

What to make of this?  The Warrior Five card, subtitled "Action Frustrated", shows a male figure burning with enthusiasm, but unable to move forward.  He is blocked by two hooded figures who hold his arms, and by two further figures who cross wands in front of him, barring his path.  So, he is frustrated both from in front and behind.  There is a real feeling of powerlessness here.

©Emily Carding
As for the World card, here we see the World Tree, branches reaching to the sky, roots open to the fertile void of the Universe.  Where in Justice the sun and moon balance to either side, here they are combined, united in a single whole.

I guess what this says to me is that I have spent quite a while feeling powerless.  Stopped either by external circumstances, or my own limiting beliefs, I have been unable to get much done.  Now, though, if I take the time to assess what led me to feeling powerless, I have the chance to change it.  The chance to feel less polarised, more powerful and able to grow.  It is a time to let go of past frustrations, to allow myself to trust in the potential of the universe :)

May it be so!


  1. Those limiting beliefs can be a killer! It's so hard to erase some of those tapes we play in our heads over and over. May it be so, indeed!

    1. Hi Siddaleah,

      You're so right about those tapes we play in our heads! Someone once said to me, you can't delete those tapes, but you can start to play another tape at the same time, and make it louder ;D