Friday, 7 September 2012

Meet the Sidhe - Part 8

©Emily Carding
The Chariot in Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011) is, as with many other cards in this deck, a quite unusual depiction.  For one thing, there's no Chariot!!

Instead, a Sidhe warrior rides a winged-steed, half black and half white.  So, the duality normally seen in this card is maintained, yet with an important twist - a single beast that represents both dark and light.  A creature of polarity, then.  I ask myself whether it's two halves are united, or whether each pulls in a slightly different direction, as per traditional notions of the Chariot?  Perhaps, being a single creature of two halves, it has been able to combine the polarities which make it up, and is more directed, clearer, stronger...

Another thing that I notice about this card is the fact there's a solar eclipse right behind the Sidhe and his steed.  It feels as though he draws something of his power from that.  Perhaps because during an eclipse of the sun it is as though day and night happen at the same time  - another combining of polarities.  A reminder, too, that it is during liminal times - during transitions and times of uncertainty - that we can perhaps most strongly determine our own direction.  When the bonds that normally restrict us are loosened, we can choose where to go with greater freedom.

As I look at this card, the pegasus creature charges towards me, with the Great Glyph of the Sidhe at the centre of his chest - as though that portal is rushing towards me, sucking me in...  Yet, it is a card of choicefulness, of determination.  Driven by a desire for wholeness, I allow the Otherworld to whirl me into it's embrace, to explore and find myself.

The way the Sidhe's arms are raised, it's like he throws himself open to the hidden energy of the sun, to the force of the Universe.  Once again, a letting go, in this card of drive and ambition.  What a delightful paradox :)  When we are willing to let go is when we suddenly move forward in a way that had eluded us until that moment.

It's funny, I've rarely really liked the Chariot as an archetype, but this card affected me very strongly...


  1. I love the way you described this card...I'm glad it pulled you in so well!

    I agree that I am not usually profoundly impacted by receiving the Chariot. It seems like a dramatic card but rarely comes across that way.

    I think this is a nice depiction of it!


    1. Hi Magic Mentha,

      I know what you mean about it seeming a dramatic card but rarely coming across like that. I often think of it like a teenage guy - full of "I'm gonna show them", but without much follow through :D

      I see that here, too, but also the idea of choosing a new direction during a time of change, and of choicefully "letting go and letting Goddess" ;) Not an easy one for me, but it's probably a good lesson...


  2. Your commentary on Tarot of the Sidhe makes me want to use it always. Or just go get it out and hold it, shuffle through it, stare at it, muse on it. x

    1. Haha, that's exactly how I feel about so many blogs! So many beautiful decks, so little time. At least I'm not enabling you with lots of different decks ;) Kx