Saturday, 15 September 2012

Meet the Sidhe - Part 9

©Emily Carding
Today's post looks at the Justice card, numbered VIII in Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).

It's interesting, I feel quite strange with Justice in this position, having been "brought up" on the RWS numbering.  For me, it makes sense for Justice, the weighing up of the past and the assessing of the future, to come in position 11, at the centre/balance point of the Major Arcana.  And I notice, too, that there is a lemniscate, an infinity sign, in this card, which is normally found on the Strength card.  Look at the shape of the clouds around the moon and sun...

What I see here is a message about Justice being something at a cosmic level.  It isn't the number-crunching, penny-pinching version that we so often see in our courts of law, where everyone and everything is assigned a value.  It is about weighing up the dark and light in all our actions, and trying to come to some kind of equitable balance.  It is about the karma of our past, and trying to move forward in a way that honours what is right.  It is about finding a solution that all the parties involved can live with.

Our main tool for this: our head.  She balances on a sword, significator for the mind.  And yet, her hair flows down around her as though she herself becomes the land and it her.  So, even though our mind is the one that does the weighing up, this Justice isn't purely rational.  It is felt at a bodily level - it is pulled by gravity, the weight of the past, our sense of where we are in the world - just as she uses her legs to help her find that balance point.  Balancing on the sword, with her hair flowing down like the blindfold on many ancient depictions of Justice, means that she is affected by a bodily sense of things, and has a different perspective, like the Hanged Man, rather than being stuck in rigid, rational ideas about what is fair.

The fact that she balances in this marvelous landscape is a reminder to me, as well, of the debt we owe this beautiful planet.  Mama Gaia nurtures and supports us, and Justice says: "Honour the planet, act in her favour."  Loving nature, what can we each do to even the scales between what we take from the world and what we give to it?

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