Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Esoteric Celtic Cross

This is a reading designed by Rachel Pollack, which I decided to give a go.  It's part of what she calls a multi-dimensional way of reading, bringing spiritual and past life energies into exploring deep questions.  As ever, I used the wondrous Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).

©Emily Carding

1) Who am I? - XVI - The Tower

Well, this card certainly struck home.  I have been tracking the cards I get for several years now, and the Tower is the Major that comes up most for me, bar none!  So I guess it's no surprise to see it here.

Still, I love this depiction from the Tarot of the Sidhe.  I am someone who needs to break out of rigid ideas, to be freed from structures that constrict me, even if they are of my own making.  What feels like destruction will actually lift me up, though it may well feel scary and dark in the process.  I am someone who has to face these shake-ups, these challenges: it is part of what I have chosen as my lesson for this life. 

Somehow, that feels kind of reassuring: that these earth-shattering events are what I need to learn and grow, no matter how hard they are at the time.

©Emily Carding

2)What is my task? - Maker King - Gift of Skill

My task in this life is to learn, to develop skills, and to put them into practice.  I see this being connected with the first card: I need to learn to become stronger and to be able to not just weather the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but to create something from them.  I also see it in terms of using those shake-ups to find new inspiration, to get up, dust myself off, and make something of life.

Out of destruction comes inspiration and beauty.  Or as Pablo Picasso put it: "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction."

©Emily Carding

3) What higher truth guides me? - Maker Prince - Gift of Connection

I just love this card!  I had it on my altar for quite a while, and included it in a video I did on Herne :)

What this card says to me is that it is through connection that we find wisdom.  Connection with nature, first and foremost - honouring the trees and animals, the plants and landscapes of the natural world.

Connection, too, with other humans.  Whether through real life interactions or online, we are shaped by the people we relate to in any way.  Tierney Sadler recently wrote a great post about how even the a**eholes in our lives shape us, and it's true of every being that touches us in any way.

©Emily Carding

4) What deep energy powers me? - Maker Queen - Gift of Healing

Isn't she wonderful?  I see her three ways.  Firstly, she represents the Goddess in her infinite, giving, loving, healing aspect.  She is the source of all love, all connection, and of nature.

Secondly, she represents my own ancestors and my mother, who have always been an inspiration to me.  My maternal grandmother was a beautiful singer at a time when women of her social group didn't do things like sing in public.  She pushed the boundaries, and though she eventually married a nice man her mother approved of, she always kept that joy in life, and that faith in herself.  My grandmother was a doctor, when that still wasn't very usual for a woman.  After she retired, she went to schools to educate kids about sex ;)  My mother raised me as a single mum, and always told me I could do what I put my mind to, and said that if I didn't agree with her, if I could argue my case she would always listen - and she does!

Finally, I see her as myself, as a mother, as a loving woman who nurtures others and herself.  That feeling of connection we saw in the Maker Prince here has been taken in, and now she offers it up to the world.

©Emily Carding

5) Where do I come from? - Warrior Seven - A Hero's Challenge

There is a part of me that feels like I have to battle all comers, face any challenge.  And given I am the Tower, there is honestly a part of that which is true.

I see this as being someone who is willing to stand up for what they believe in, to fight for what they want, for themselves and for others.

So, I come from a place of believing in my strength, and being willing to use it.  For that, once again, I thank my ancestors and the deep energy they lend me.

©Emily Carding

6) What will I discover when I leave this form? - Maker Eight - Emergence

Oh, wow!  When I leave this form I will discover that it was only the physical manifestation of my spirit.  Moving on, I will have the potential to grow and become far more.  More alive, more expansive, stronger.  Perhaps also more vulnerable - the tree can be harmed far more by the things around it than can the acorn, yet it brings so many other benefits.  And perhaps being able to be vulnerable is, itself, a good thing.

©Emily Carding

7) Who is my hidden self? - XXI - The World

This card stayed hidden until the end of the reading, facedown.  I was quite stunned when I turned it over.  As if there hadn't been enough power to this reading already!

My hidden self is whole, complete.  She already is that tree we see emerging in the Maker Eight card.  I am connected to the universe, I grow in the light of the sun and the energy of the stars.  Though I may fear I can't cope, though I may worry and doubt, under it all I am already perfect, with all my faults.

What a beautiful reading :)  I really encourage you all to give it a try - very powerful stuff!


  1. A powerful and beautiful reading for a powerful and beautiful woman!

    I am impressed by your take on the Tower as a card that comes up frequently for you. I love how the other cards fell into place, too.

    I may have to try this!

    Awesome Hugs,

    1. Well, as I say, I've been having to work my way around the Tower for about five and a half years now...

      Would love to see what you make of this reading - I think Rachel Pollack comes up with such amazing things.

      Huge hugs,

  2. I was just popping over to check in and see how you've been, and I was happy to see that you posted today. :-) What a wonderful reading! The Sidhe really seems to lend itself well to this spread. Very powerful.

    1. Such an empowering, in-the-flow reading — truly inspirational...

    2. Hi Siddaleah,

      I'm sure any deck would do well, but I do see the Sidhe as a particularly spiritual deck, which sounded right for a multi-dimensional reading :)

      Given your recent feeling of treading water, maybe you'd find it a useful spread to try...


    3. Hi Nion,

      Well, maybe it'll encourage you to dig out your Tarot of the Sidhe again - the Tarot Grove lies languishing... :)

  3. Did you learn this spread at the Tarot Conference? I am going to write it down and give it a go on my 'other' blog. Thanks for sharing!

    (By the way, I was really struck by all those Maker cards you got!)

    1. Hi Carla,

      Yes, it was one of the things we did Friday evening. Love what you did with it :)

      And yes, maker-tastic. I guess it makes sense with what has been going on at a mundane level, too ;D

  4. What a wonderful reading and spread! I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Cher,

      You're very welcome. It was such a privilege to take classes with Rachel, so I'm glad to share :)