Saturday, 20 October 2012

Esoteric Cross: Chakra Reading

Carla over at Rowan Tarot read my post on the Esoteric Celtic Cross and decided to give it a go.  Not content to stop there, though, she spotted an interesting connection to the chakra system, and re-read her cards on that basis.  I thought this was such a cool idea, I had to see what it would throw up around my reading!

Chakra rearrangement:

Crown chakra --     6) What will I know when I leave this form?
Brow/Third Eye --   3) What higher truth guides me? 
Throat --                 2) What is my task?
Heart --                   7) Who is my hidden self?
Solar plexus --       1) Who am I?
Sacral --                 3) What deep energy powers me?
Root --                    2) Where do I come from?

My chakras

Crown chakra --     6) Maker Eight
Brow/Third Eye --  3) Maker Prince
Throat --                2) Maker King
Heart --                  7) The World
Solar plexus --       1) The Tower
Sacral --                 4) Maker Queen
Root --                   5) Warrior Seven

This makes me think that my root chakra is a little unbalanced, a little defensive.  Given this is the chakra of being grounded and feeling secure, the Warrior Seven does not sit very well there.  

The sacral chakra with the Maker Queen is fairly happy.  This is the chakra connected to our sexuality, and the Maker Queen is quite sensual and generous, a good fit.  

©Emily Carding
The solar plexus, with the Tower, in the position of my sense of power echoes the feeling of uncertainty that began at the root chakra.  I feel like I am constantly having to battle to make my way in the world, as the rug gets pulled out from under my feet again and again.  This is not only the chakra of our sense of personal power, but also about how we digest emotions, and our eating.  So, no surprise with the Tower here that my eating has not been great lately!

Having the World at the Heart Chakra feels supportive, though - a sense of wholeness at my centre, the middle point between the upper and lower chakras, and where emotions combine.  Despite the weaknesses in my system, I am still able to feel fairly whole, to keep things together.

Maker King at the throat chakra suggests that I am able to skilfully and strongly put my voice out in the world.  I think that, given the weaknesses in the lower chakras, this indicates that I come across more confident than I actually am, which certainly rings true!

©Emily Carding
At my third eye I have the Maker Prince, subtitled Gift of Connection.  While the Prince may not be the most mature of chaps, he is a Maker, of the element of Earth, so fairly grounded and stable.  My chakra of wisdom and learning, of seeing beyond, is open to the world, to connecting with everything around me.  Not a bad thing.

Finally, at my crown chakra, I have Maker Eight - Emergence.  The image just speaks for itself.  I am working at opening myself to spirit, and though I may not be there yet, I'm headed in the right direction.

It's interesting that my higher chakras are quite healthy and balanced overall, while my lower chakras are in a bit of a mess.  So, I need to get more grounded, be in my body more, and work on my sense of stability and security.  I found this a really useful exercise, my thanks, Carla!


  1. You're welcome, and in my reading I felt just the opposite! Extremely grounded but lacking in the higher chakras. :) Now, what can we do to balance ourselves out?

    1. Well, clearly we should spend more time together, as we each have what the other needs :)

      I have the sense that you are already doing a lot of work on your higher chakras, meditating regularly and so on. As for me, I'm not sure what would help improve my sense of security...

    2. Spending more time together sounds good to me! Now, how am I going to convince you to visit the Midlands??

      Being grounded is not necessarily the same as feeling secure. I have many fears and worries about my financial future, but my basic grounding on the earthly plane feels very solid to me.

    3. That is a slightly tough sell. And if I come with DH et al, then we wouldn't get much time together...

      Given my cards at the Root and Solar Plexus, I see my issue being more about security than groundedness - witness all the Makers in the Who am I sense of this spread. It's the sense of imminent danger and change, of not being able to trust the world, that I think is an issue for me. I may be wrong, but I think there's a part of you that trusts all will be well financially, which is why you don't act on the financial worries. Kinda "consider the lilies in the field..." See, I do know a few bits of the Bible ;D

    4. You are entirely right. I have always trusted that all my needs will be met. 'My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory'. (I got a bellyful of them, child). I was raised with the feeling that there's Something that will not let me down. No matter where my spiritual path takes me, that feeling remains. x

  2. Looks really good! I love this reading idea. I need to learn more about chakras. I feel like I'm always off balance. Even if it's all mental (hello, skeptic! haha) it will still be useful to have a meditation or something to bring things into balance. But I do think there is something to this.


    1. Hi, MM. May I suggest Chakra Meditations by Swami Saradananda as a great starting point? It's a pretty, colorful book and there is also a matching set of 52 cards you can get to go with it. It is very useful for a basic introduction, with meditations. x

    2. Hi MM,

      Even if you don't want to buy anything, I think there are quite a lot of resources on-line and free to look at your chakras. For instance, Lisa over at did a series of videos describing chakras, what stones go with them, and how to do a reading on balancing the chakra. I also did a video about assessing the state of your chakras with a pendulum, and starting to balance them that way :)


    3. What? Not buy anything? (Wanders off muttering in confusion)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Elle! I thought it was a great spread, and a fascinating twist on it. Hope you are well, my friend. BB, Kerry