Friday, 30 November 2012

Egyptian Male Deities - Anubis

©De Marco & Manton
For the fourth quarter, the God I've chosen from the Gods and Titans Oracle (Blue Angel, 2011) is Anubis, with his keyword of Protection.

North - Earth - Body - Anubis - Protection

Anubis is associated with mummification and the after life.  So, the protection he offers is not merely physical, but also at a soul level.  After guiding the Ancient Egyptian embalmers in their task (they would wear an Anubis mask while they worked), this God would then also accompany the souls of the dead to their final judgement by Anubis and Ma'at.

Being associated with tombs, womb-like structures within the earth, is one reason to associate him with that element.  The idea of protection, particularly taking care of one's body, is another.

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