Thursday, 29 November 2012

Egyptian Male Deities - Osiris

©De Marco & Manton
For this third day, and still using the images from the Gods and Titans Oracle (Blue Angel, 2011), here is Osiris.

West - Water - Emotion - Osiris - Renewal

Osiris, husband of Isis, had a tumultuous relationship with his brother, Set, who was envious of him.  First, Set made him a sarcophagus as a birthday present, suggesting his brother try it out to see how well it fit him, and then locking him in it and hiding it.  Isis managed to find it again, and release Osiris. So then, Set dismembered his brother, scattering the pieces across the world.  Once again, Isis managed to find all the bits of her husband, except for his phallus.  So, she made him a new one out of gold, and it worked so well that he sired Horus with it ;)  So, not one but two "rebirths", with a little help from the determined and skilled Isis!

Why associate him with water, you may ask.  Well, I guess it links to ideas about the cauldron of rebirth, and he did float along a river in his sarcophagus.  There's also something about the deep emotions he evoked, both in Isis and Set.  And renewal is something I associate with water, washing us clean for a fresh start.


  1. Wow...this seems almost like Egyptian deities as a soap opera. Hilarious!

    1. A lot of the ancient pantheons are rather like that - just think of the Greeks, with Zeus going off and having affairs and raping women all over the place, and Hera getting all wrathful, or Aphrodite getting jealous of other women who claimed to be the most beautiful *rolls eyes*