Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Egyptian Male Deities - Ra

©De Marco & Manton
Drawing again on the Gods and Titans Oracle (Blue Angel, 2011), today I'll take a look at Ra.

South - Fire - Passion - Ra - Power

Ra is the Egyptian Sun God, carrying the sun in his chariot across the sky each day.  More than that, though, he is associated with creation itself, with the bringing of life.  Which is kind of curious, considering how Egypt suffered under droughts.  Perhaps, in part, it is for that very reason he was considered so important - a force that can kill you and blight your crops must, at the very least, be respected.  Still, his role went well beyond that: it is said that he called all beings into existence by speaking their secret names (now there's an archetype for you!)  And the power of the sun, in good measure, is vital for crops to grow.  Ra speaks of inner power, too, the inspiration to build something of value (huge building projects took place under his auspices), and to value yourself.

When you dig deeper into pantheons, they tend to make less sense rather than more, as the Gods evolve over time to fit the needs of changing populations and cultures.  For example, in some texts Ra is linked to Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, while in others he is said to be father to Set, Osiris' brother *doh*  Ultimately, I don't think these lineages matter.  To me, what matters are his strength, creativity, and inspiration, as characteristics to call upon.

As for his connection with the element of fire - the power of the Sun is the most obvious.  The aspects of creativity and strength also speak to that, for me.

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