Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Egyptian Male Deities - Thoth

©DeMarco & Manton
Still don't get on with Greek male deities, they just rub me the wrong way!  So, I started thinking about what other Gods I might call on, particularly when casting a circle.  I was drawn to the Egyptian Pantheon, and my first thoughts were Thoth, Ra, Osiris, Anubis and Set.

The Gods and Titans Oracle (Blue Angel, 2011) has all of these.  While I find the Gods in this deck a little overly "calendar boy", these ones are mitigated by animal heads and amazing colours.

My thoughts, then, for assigning them to the elements when calling a circle, and for shadow work, go like this:

East - Air - Mind - Thoth - Wisdom
South - Fire - Passion - Ra - Power
West - Water - Emotion - Osiris - Renewal
North - Earth - Body - Anubis - Protection
Shadow - Set - Chaos

Over the next few days, I'll post about each in turn, so here's Thoth:

East - Air - Mind - Thoth - Wisdom

God of learning and wisdom, of the written word and magic, Thoth is the God that Aleister Crowley attributed the Tarot to :)  He was also said to be the one who taught Isis the words she needed to resurrect Osiris (more on that this Thursday).  Thoth's wife, Ma'at, was the Goddess of Justice, so together they represented a good balance of knowledge and action.  And Thoth also became known as the go-to God for arbitration, both for humans and amongst the Gods themselves, and took part in the judging of souls.  All these attributes associate him with the element of air: magical words, judgement, knowledge, and good communication skills.


  1. Ooooooo...creepy!

    I agree with you on this. I've never been drawn to these dieties. :D

    But I loved your interpretation and comments on it.

    1. Hi MM,

      Yeah, the picture on this one is pretty creepy, isn't it? Still, I like the sentiments behind it, unlike most of the male Greek deities who all seem to be into raping, pillaging, fighting, and being cruel. At least Thoth is about wisdom and learning! :)