Saturday, 1 December 2012

Egyptian Male Deities - Set

©De Marco & Manton
For this final post, I consider a God who doesn't, for me, represent one of the elements.  Still, his role is one that is still vitally important: that of the shadow.  The image is taken, once again, from the Gods and Titans Oracle (Blue Angel, 2011).

Shadow - Set - Chaos

Well, you've already read about what Set did to his brother Osiris!  Tricking him, killing him, dismembering him :o  To top that, he just plain likes making trouble.  Or maybe we simply need a shadow, a dark and scary part.  Having Set in the pantheon rounds it out, allowing for the nasty, cruel, vicious, spiteful, manipulative, envious part that is there in all of us, though most often we like to deny it.

Interestingly, Wikipedia suggests that Set's bad reputation is mainly due to a smear campaign.  He was the prime deity of Upper Egypt, and when the Pharoah of Lower Egypt decided he'd like to unite the two parts, part of the offensive was waged through spin!  Plus ca change...

Set is associated with the desert, a dry, inhospitable place that is dangerous to humans and animals alike.  Also with storms, destructive and chaotic.  Yet, as it says in the companion book: "Sometimes things need to fall apart so that they can reform into what you really want."  And sometimes we need to plumb the depths of our own shadows, to bring greater wholeness to our souls.

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