Saturday, 26 January 2013

Finding Grace

It's been interesting recently seeing the meteoric rise in popularity of Lenormand decks.  One thing I find both strange and fascinating is the insistence of many, especially in America, on the idea that it is more of a "predictive/fortune telling" tool than the tarot.  At the same time, these people insist it is "practical, not spiritual".

For myself, I choose to make my readings spiritual.  I want to connect with the divine, in its broadest sense, and do so through divination!  I can do that just as well with a Lenormand deck as with an oracle, or even when walking in the park.  Intent is what matters.  So, I decided to pull three cards from the beautiful Mystical Lenormand (AGM/Urania, 2004).

©Fiechter & Trosch
Connecting with the flow (Fish) of wisdom (Owls) brings the gift of grace (Bouquet).  At a base level, I see this recommending taking the time to connect with the divine, and meditation is a lovely means to that end.

So, I meditated on this reading.  I felt what it might be like to be a fish, and tried to explore all the elements from that perspective.  It was fascinating!  Air was easy, as bubbles flow through the water all the time, either from the gills etc of other water creatures, or the splash of their tails.  Fire I found in the energy provided by food, warming my belly.  Water was all around me, connecting me with the other fish in my vicinity, and with the currents of the water itself which moved me, or which I could at least sense.  My whole body became a means of perception, at an intuitive level.  Earth, though, that was hard!  When out in the deeps, there is no shore, and the seabed may be far, far below, never seen.  What "grounds" me, then, in this sea of being?  My own body, and the presence of my shoal!  I find myself, in myself, and in my "home" tribe.

And I meditated, too, on the gift of grace.  Part of that is simply the gift of being in this world, experiencing its wonder and its variety.  I thought of the flowers that grow from the earth, and what a gift they are.  Not just because of their beauty, colour and scent, but because they suggest growth and renewal, and they signal the fruits that will come, which nourish us.

I am grateful for the wisdom to see the beauty in all of life!  And to not let others determine where I find my inspiration and spiritual connection :)


  1. There is nothing wrong with people doing anything they like with any card, or any image, or any thing for that matter. Personally, I prefer to use Lenormands for more straightforward readings. I like them for that, and I like reserving them for that use. My other oracle decks are all wholly spiritual, whereas my tarot decks are mostly spiritual, but with a bit of fortunetelling going on. :) That is the way I roll, ha ha. Let's just all keep rolling and try not to roll over each other. :D x

    1. Hi Carla,

      I'm not sure quite why I'm so drawn to using the Lenormand as a spiritual tool, but I am. It may be because images from the Judith Bärtschi Lenormand appeared to me in meditations several times, without my having drawn them. They touched me in that way, and so I have come to see Lenormand's more generally in that light. Perhaps, too, because there are a lot of "natural" images in the Lenormand... which fits with a pagan ethos.

      I am quite happy for others to roll a different way. Sadly, they don't all feel that way in return, and I have been told that using Lenormand's for anything spiritual is "ridiculous" (actual quote). Still, I have been standing my ground more of late. I'm not trying to force anyone to do what I do, but I don't believe I am wrong/bad/crazy to do it, either.

      As you'll see if you look at today's post (Sunday), I generally try not to stray far from traditional meanings and ways of reading - I am not reading the cards like tarot cards, nor purely intuitively. These are still Lenormand readings, just that I choose to ask about spirit...

      Sorry for the rant, but I've been getting a lot of attacks recently :(


    2. You are definitely not wrong/bad/crazy. :) I know it is your way to stick with these threads or forums or Facebook whatevers that cause you distress, because you feel it is character building (or however you think of it.) But there is always the option of simply moving on. Ignoring those people and places that disturb you. I find that the more I withdraw from the 'input' of others, the happier I am with my own choices. The more I listen to others, the more self-doubt and anxiety I have. It was good for me to leave the spirituality threads of AT, and good for me to leave Facebook. Those were healthy choices for me. Is it possible you could take a break, rather than fighting the good fight all the time?

    3. It's funny, this altercation occurred in what I had previously thought of as a "safe space" and maybe that's part of what helped me stand up for myself. Overall, I am avoiding fights and threads in many places, and spend far less time in a couple of fb groups I like, but which I know are contentious. Still, I felt pretty good that I had felt confident enough to stand my ground, to not bow to a "male authority" figure ;)

    4. I think I may know who this is, does the alphabet have anything to do with it?