Monday, 28 January 2013

Full Moon Reading

©Grimassi, Taylor & Mueller
As last night was the full moon, I decided to do a little reading again.  Despite having designed some moon-phase specific readings, which I hope to post at some point, I felt moved to do something different.  So, I pulled a single card from my combined Well Worn/Hidden Path decks (Llewellyn, 2005+2007) to represent the spiritual energy of this lunation.  Then I drew two cards from the Gaian Tarot (Joanna Powell-Colbert, 2010) to ask what will hinder me and what will help me with this focus.

1) What is the spiritual energy of this lunation? - The Sun

This is a card of vitality, fertility, renewal and life cycles.  This chimes very well with me, as I open up to new possibilities and potentials.

One thing this card reminded me of is the fact that I have been noticing the days getting longer.  This is a good thing to be mindful of, at a time of year that can often feel bleak and heavy.  Another thing it made me think of is the fact my DH said yesterday he could see daffodils coming out in our little front garden.   I hadn't noticed, and so this card tells me to spend more time noticing this new vitality that is slowing coming to the earth :)

©Joanna Powell-Colbert
2) What will hinder me in this? - Explorer of Fire

At first, I was rather surprised by this card.  After all, the Sun is a fiery kind of card, why wouldn't exploring my creativity and focusing on projects be a good thing?  This lovely Explorer of Fire (Knight of Wands in traditional systems), represents someone who is passionately enthusiastic, pouring energy and dedication into mastering some creative task.  I normally love this energy, and could certainly do with it for a few projects I have in the pipeline!  Then I realised, while that might be appropriate for my work life, it is not what is currently called for in my spiritual life...

©Joanna Powell-Colbert
3) What will help me in this? - Explorer of Earth

For my spirituality, what is called for in this lunation is to connect with the earth, to take my time feeling the rhythms of the reawakening plants and animals.  It is time to pay attention to the cycle of life as things begin to blossom afresh and the days get longer.  Time, too, to nurture my own physicality.

It's interesting that there is a stag on this card, as the companion book to the Well Worn Path, in talking about the Sun card, also mentions that the Holly King and Oak King are sometimes referred to as the Wolf and the Stag.  So, this card also taps into that, reminding me to look to the new vitality being brought as the sun grows warmer and stronger, and the world prepares for a new time of growth and abundance.

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