Monday, 14 January 2013

The Familiar

©Sally Morningstar
This morning for my meditation I drew a card from the Wicca Pack (Walking Stick Press, 2001) by Sally Morningstar.  I received "The Familiar" subtitled Ally.  In the book, the author suggests doing a meditation to meet with your animal familiar.

Having already met my familiar in meditation last year, and as he has accompanied me on many meditations since, I decided to skip her visualisation, and do my own instead.  It is snowy here today, and so I pictured walking into the snowy woods just down the road, and meeting my familiar, not to go anywhere in particular, just to take some time reconnecting :)

It was a moving experience!  Like my meditation on the Snail's Pace card last week, I found myself becoming a squirrel, too.  Yep, my familiar is a squirrel - not an impressive wolf or eagle or bear, but dear to me, still.  I flicked my tail through the snow, and explored my companion's den and nut store, and the feeling of the cold and the shelter of the tree, and the excitement of running up and down it on four, clawed paws.  I came out of the meditation feeling refreshed and delighted, and offered my squirrel friend three nuts as a thank you for our time together.

While it might not be an actual snowy walk, I felt deeply connected to nature, moved by the feelings and sensations.  If you haven't met your animal familiar, I can recommend doing so - you may be surprised by what you find ;)


  1. That sounds like fun. My familiar is a crow. I've never journeyed with one, though. It might be fun. I'd like to strut around make a lot of noise and not care what anyone thought of me.

    1. Hmm, sounds like something you could do in your regular life, too... Maybe, if you don't feel comfy with it in your home environment, you could do it when you go somewhere. Come to London and pretend to be a loud American tourist over for a short holiday ;)

  2. How adorable. I love it. I will think of you every time I see a squirrel!

    1. Thanks, MM :) As I say, I've found it a really enjoyable practice... And I've always loved squirrels. Did you know, they're the only creatures that climb down trees face first!