Saturday, 16 February 2013

Body Wisdom

I really am so enjoying my draws with the Mystical Lenormand (AGM/Urania, 2004)!

©Fiechter & Trösch

Today I drew Scythe + House + Book.  This feels incredibly relevant to me.  Looking at the pairs: Scythe + House - physical surgery; House + Book - body wisdom.

I had surgery on Wednesday, nothing too major.  These cards remind me, firstly that even something like this has the potential to bring wisdom - we learn from all our experiences, and often the harder they are, the more learning they bring.  So, I should look for that learning, for that silver lining.

Secondly, they tell me to pay special attention to the wisdom of my body.  I was told to avoid strenuous exercise for ten days.  However, yesterday I'd already gone three days without working out, and was jonesing.  So, I did a quite mellow, light cardio, light weights workout.  I worried a little that I shouldn't, and wondered where the edge was between good and too much, but overall felt great after it.  WARNING: potential TMI: About 9 hours later, I was on the toilet and "pushed", and after that, I had a little light bleeding.  My conclusion: mild workouts okay, "pushing" to be avoided!

Hopefully, though, I can listen to my body and hear more subtle messages than: you're bleeding, back off!  It's a tough one for me, for years I did my best to ignore what my body was telling me.  I over-exercised, under-ate, and then binged.  My signals are still pretty screwy, but I'm getting better.  And this seems like it's another lesson in listening to my body.  Not just in how I exercise, but perhaps at a deeper level...


  1. (hug!!)

    I think so many people struggle with their body signals, especially women!

    I know I have felt off for the past month or two and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why.

    Plus I have this weird mid-cycle bleeding that doesn't make any sense and random cramping. So I am dreading going to get my pap and have put it off. I may just have to bite the bullet and go.

    Hope you are having a nice one.


    1. I'm sure you're right, MM, plenty of women have spent a lot of time trying to ignore their body's signals, and then find it hard to interpret them. Sorry to hear you've been having these worrying symptoms. As you say, though, putting off getting information doesn't really help, it's just denial. So, I hope you will take care of yourself!

      My bleeding is still all over the place. I bleed for a day or two, then stop, then start again. It's now just past the ten days they said, and I'm still bleeding. I don't think it's related to anything I'm doing, particularly. Just the post-surgery vagaries, I hope. I'll try to see the doctor for follow-up next week...

      Huge hugs to you,