Friday, 8 February 2013

Lenormand Says: Seek Joy Y'All!

This last week has been tough, and today is definitely set to be another challenge.  So, I asked the Mystical Lenormand (AGM/Urania, 2004): "What can I do to support myself at this time?"  My answer: Rider + Ring + Sun.

©Fiechter & Trösch
What I saw in this was: actively commit to happiness.  Or as Arwen would say: Seek Joy Y'All! ;)

The Rider reminds me to open myself to wonder.  While I don't literally believe in unicorns, there is a sense of being willing to see the magic in life.  Isn't that what being a pagan is about? Acknowledging the beauty of nature, the joy of being alive, the wonder of our connection with spirit?

The Ring says that this wonder can be found in the small things in life.  It doesn't have to be big or "important".  As Arwen says, we can seek joy in even the little things: a hug from a friend, the scent of a flower, sunlight dappling our face.  She suggests trying to find joy each and every day, even if just for three minutes.  Go on, what's 180 seconds?  The magpie feels this ring is a treasure, though realistically it isn't much, just a bauble.  Yet, being happy with the small pleasures builds up to joy, so I'll go out and seek those small moments of felicity.

The Sun says, there is wisdom in joy.  We can find enlightenment through happiness, rather than through self-abasement or seriousness.  Being playful, finding love of the universe in even the tiniest of delights, is a sacred path.  Clarity can come at the strangest moments, if we are just willing to accept it, to seek it out, to actively say: I will commit to being happy today!


  1. Bird tracks in the snow. :)

    It's the little things that really matter.

    1. And the flutter of a dark wing in a tree :) Yes, that was a lovely reminder, too!