Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Tried and the True

This morning I had a bit of a health scare, just in a minor way, and I'll be getting it checked out later today.  However, in the early hours my thoughts ran along the lines of: "what can I do to help me sleep a bit more before I can do anything anyway?"  As meditation is often recommended to help with sleep, I ended up on my meditation cushion, and drew three cards from the Mystical Lenormand (AGM/Urania, 2004) to ask for a spiritual focus.

©Fiechter & Tr√∂sch
Lily + Key + Dog - insightful (Key) peace (Lily) comes through something dependable (Dog).

The first thing this made me think of was to go with a tried and true meditation, so I simply chanted Om while going through my mala beads.

As my mind calmed a little, the images opened up a little more.  I noticed that in the Lily, the woman is doing something that is probably quite ritualistic and calming, like my meditation.  I took it as a suggestion that, as the day progressed, I could also use "flow" activities, things which occupy my mind and spirit entirely so I lose track of time, as ways to help find that peace and harmony the Lily card speaks of.

I also thought about the Dog card, and how dependability is not restricted to people.  A ritual, a practice, a teddy bear, even, can bring some stability into our lives, too.  The hearth behind the dog in this particular deck is a good reminder of that.  The clock also speaks to the fact that dependability is something that is lasting.  Another reminder of why traditional timing systems don't really work for me, as this card doesn't say "July" in any way that's meaningful to me.

And my mind drifted to the Key, and the fact that insight is a treasure to be prized.  It is also something that can come in an instant, an "aha" moment, or else it can come from the wisdom of ages.  Restricting it to one or the other doesn't feel right, and sometimes we may have a sudden insight based on knowledge that has been around for a long time.

In this way, my understanding of the cards deepens.  Still within the confines of traditional keywords, but opening up what those keywords may mean at any given time.  As Lisa of Seer Pathways suggested earlier this week, I'm creating a right-brain connection to these cards :)

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