Monday, 25 February 2013

What To Release, And How

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As it's the full moon today, I decided to draw some cards on the energies around me at this time.  Although the full moon is the "strongest" point of the cycle, it is also just when the tide turns, so to speak, and the energy of the moon will wane from here on out for a couple of weeks.  So, as well as being a good time to energise things, it's also a good time to think about what to release from our lives.

That's certainly what came to mind when I pulled three cards from the Mystical Kipper deck (Königsfurt-Urania, 2007), and got "hardship and worries", "gloomy thoughts" and "coming to honour" (my own rough translations).  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to scan these before I had to leave home, so you'll have to imagine the cards (I'll try to scan them when I get back in a couple of days time).  The first shows a hard-up looking chap sitting on a rough wooden bench.  The second shows someone looking out at a dark and cloudy sky from a very precipitous cliff top above a stormy ocean.  The last shows a man kneeling to be knighted, with sun pouring down on him.

©Fiechter & Trösch
The sense I got from these is that I need to let go of my troubles and the gloominess that has surrounded me for the last three weeks.  The last card seems to suggest that being able to work through these difficult emotions will, in the end, be an uplifting experience.  How, though, to get to the end point?  I decided to ask my Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004), and was moved by the answer:

Owls + Snake + Bouquet.  To me, this little line says that by talking (Owls) with a wise woman (Snake), I will be able to re-find my joy in life, to once again see the beauty (Bouquet) that surrounds me.

This seemed most timely, as I was to meet my mother just a short while later.  And in fact, although I was worried we wouldn't be able to talk because my stepdad was there, he fell asleep and we had a real heart-to-heart.  We both cried, and talked, and laughed.  It felt incredibly healing and helpful.  Not that I think now everything will be fine again, but perhaps that I can be a little more accepting that these troubles will take some time to come to terms with, to process and let go.

I've been feeling quite down on myself, because I've felt so lacking in energy and willpower.  I've been eating badly, not doing any but the most urgent of work, and feeling constantly tired and low.  Today, with these two draws and the long talk with my mother, I feel more hopeful that I will be able to move forward, if not today, then soon...


  1. (huge hugs)

    Who can blame you for feeling tired and low? Frankly I am always impressed at the level at which you operate--but I also know how it's nearly impossible NOT to feel depressed about it all. I think the key is to accept that all of it is natural, and nurture yourself accordingly.

    I guess this advice is annoying and probably obvious.

    Much Love,

    1. Hi MM,

      So sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. And it definitely wasn't because I thought your advice either annoying or obvious! I've been trying to do some of that self-nurturing, which has meant things like responding to comments has sometimes gotten lost along the way. Still, I very much appreciate your comment and your empathy. Hope things are well with you, will pop over to your blog now :)

      Much love,