Monday, 11 March 2013

Health For the Month

This morning, in the run up to tonight's new moon, I decided to ask the cards: "What can I do to help improve my health over the coming lunation?"  First I had a cold, then I developed sinusitis, now I seem to be getting a cough to boot: it's been going on for over three weeks!  Drawing a line of five from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004), I pulled:

©Fiechter & Trösch

Mountain + Ring + Tower + Birds + Bear

What I read from this is that I need to commit to overcoming any obstacles on my path (Mountain + Ring) on what may be quite a long journey (Mountain).  This must be a studied commitment (Ring + Tower), gathering information about what will best help.  That may include talking to institutional professionals (Tower + Birds), and also watching how food affects my emotional state (Birds + Bear).  On the food front,  that seems to connect with the daylight fasting I've been doing, which has certainly helped reduce my emotional eating.  I also seem the suggestion of talking with my mother (Birds + Bear), always a port in a storm, and someone with plenty of health knowledge.

Looking at the mirror cards, it seems that eating can cause particular obstacles in my path to wellness (Mountain + Bear).  Already, I've cut out dairy more rigorously than normal, but I've noticed that even things like making sure I only have warm drinks and food makes a difference.  This isn't always easy - it's much simpler to carry round a bottle of water than a thermos (don't own one), or a cup of tea (spills and burns).  It also seems like I need to commit to talking through my emotional issues (Ring + Birds): I know I haven't yet done all the grieving I need to do for the baby we lost.

At the centre of it all is the Tower, a strange card for an action question.  I read it in a couple of different lights.  First, the need to study up about what I can do to help myself - I've already bought a neti pot and been using it diligently, which seems to have helped with the sinusitis a lot.  Second, the need to feel secure and whole once again - cue the talking about emotional issues.  Finally, it may be saying that I need to get outside help from someone with credentials in the health field (institutional higher-up).

With the Mountain right at the start, I feel this may be a long journey with setbacks along the way. However, the Bear at the end gives me a good feeling: moving towards a place of strength again :)


  1. Oy! Sorry you have not felt well. How well I know that. To be honest, I suspect I have been fighting off something all year so far! Actually it's probably something like I was fighting something, then it morphed into something else as I got another cold/flu.

    I agree that warm fluids, avoiding dairy, sugar, etc, and using nasal irrigation and such are good ideas. I've also been using a nasal mist. I also have been trying to use the anti-fungal herbs and foods (garlic, oregano, etc), as many experts now believe that most sinus infections originate with candida, which is a fungus. Anti-biotics have no effect on that. Pele has taken some anti-fungal rounds and the best defense is to avoid sugar and starches most of the time--which of course is hard, but hehe...

    ANYWAY...rambling. I do hope you see some really quick relief. An amazing book for allergies, sinusitus and colds/flu is called Sinus Survival. I picked up a copy after losing my first one. The recommendations are very good in it for those who suffer frequent colds/flu/sinus/allergy stuff. I think they would also be good general health guidelines.

    Anywayz...rambling enough for now. Get better ASAP!


    1. Bah, I'm not glad to hear that experts think sinus infections orginate with Candida - that's something I've struggled with for years! Still, I have been doing pretty well for the last week in terms of avoiding dairy and sugar, so hopefully that will start to help. Thanks for the reading suggestions, will pop over to amazon and take a look.

      Wishing you good health, too!

  2. Oddly enough, I'm off work today with a bad head and cold. I feel fine for an hour or two after I take my co-codomol, but when it starts to wear off, oh boy what a headache! Hopefully I will be better tomorrow.

    I have a neti pot. I nearly drowned myself trying to learn how to use it. Too bad you weren't here to see that. Comic relief. :)

    1. Sorry to hear that you're feeling ill, Carla! Hope you feel better soon :)

      My first experience with a neti pot was when I was training to be a yoga teacher. The third teacher training I took, they actually made various cleansing techniques part of the syllabus! We all crowded into a little kitchen and took turns trying to use the neti pot - among much jollity. We also had to stick a cord up our nose and pull it out through our mouths, and swoosh it around a bit. Came in handy when my son needed a naso-gastric tube as it didn't scare me to have to put it back myself. The things you learn...