Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ostara Reading

©Thalia Took
We had the Spring Equinox on Wednesday, and on the pagan front this festival is often called Ostara.  It is aligned with Eostre, a German Goddess of Spring and fertility.   I hunted around on-line and found this fabulous image of her from Thalia Took :)

It inspired me to create a little spread:

1) The red eggs: What nourishes me?
2) The bunny rabbits: What do I need to nurture?
3) The flowers in her hair and basket: What is blossoming in my life?

I decided to draw a line of three for each of these, from my favourite Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004).
©Fiechter & Trösch

1) The red eggs: What nourishes me?  Clouds, Fish, Cross

I am nourished by finding a flow between uncertainty and faith, between ambivalence and sometimes painful clarity.  I see in this line that being in the present moment, flowing with life without being trapped by either dogmatism or an inability to be clear on anything, is what I need at this time.

I haven't sat to meditate all week, and that is a mistake.  These cards remind me that setting aside time for meditation nourishes me at a deep level: helping me find a point of balance, calming my mind and soul.

©Fiechter & Trösch
2) The bunny rabbits: What do I need to nurture?  Dog, Bouquet, Heart

In the Bouquet I see spiritual grace, that feeling of being connected with the universe at a deep level.  And one way to find that grace is through focusing on love.  James Ricklef writes movingly about how we can find divine love by first practicing more mundane love, and that is what I see here.

A loving, compassionate attitude - treating all I meet as aspects of the divine, be they friends, lovers, or strangers - is a practice for me to nurture over the coming days and weeks.

©Fiechter & Trösch
3) The flowers in her hair and basket: What is blossoming in my life?  Paths, Storks, Scythe

New directions, and change that is sometimes quite abrupt seems to be the message here.  Like a flower opening in the sun, so my life's path is unfolding in ways that are often surprising.  It brings movement and transitions, alterations that are sometimes welcome, sometimes less so.  Yet, there is a feeling of destiny to this: unstoppable course adjustments that I just have to flow with.  Which brings me right back to the first line of three!

Perhaps, then, it is not only in meditative practice that I need to embrace the present moment.  Rather, it may be in my life more generally, as I shift and move with the vagaries of life.

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