Thursday, 11 April 2013

April New Moon Reading

This month, I decided to go for a simple line of five for this New Moon reading.  Drawing from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004), I got this lovely little lot - looks like a good moon!

©Fiechter & Trösch
Key + Child + Bouquet + Storks + House: artistic endeavours are surrounded by successful new ideas and changes at home.

Overall, it looks like a great month for artistic endeavours, with plenty of new energy, positive change, and the ability to gain new insight!  This chimes well with what 78 Keys to Creativity came up with, too, and I love her action points.  Anyhow, it reminded me that I have been planning to take a class to learn Photoshop, so today I searched again and actually booked a class.  I've searched before, but not found anything helpful - new moon energy is helping already ;)

I also ordered some new supplies for another of my artistic pursuits, material to experiment with...

The House is the card that seems least connected with this, but I found a tutor who will come to my home.  Before, I was looking for a class in a local community college or some such.  So, as suggested by mirroring, doing it at home was actually key to succeeding :D  In any case, I do pretty much everything else at home, too, so it does make sense that artistic pursuits will also be done here.  I wonder, though, whether I should think about doing something to beautify my home, as well...


  1. If your home got any more beautiful it would cease to be real.

    1. Bah, that's structural stuff! It still needs things like fresh flowers, especially now spring is here :)

    2. Tch. In the words of my people: 'Whatever!'

      ( :D )

    3. Gowan, you know flowers are nice :D