Monday, 22 April 2013

Going With The Flow

Here is another draw from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004), looking for a spiritual focus.
©Fiechter & Trösch
Dog, Fish, Lady.  The Fish card can be a tricky one in this regard, as some people see it only connected with money or alcoholism.  However, in this I read it as being about going with the flow :)  Reading all three together, then, gives me: trust in the flow of intuition.

This reminds me of a recent post by James Ricklef, in which he talked about when we should trust our gut, and when we should ask our heart its opinion.  Good advice, but I wondered in what area I should be trusting the flow of intuition.  So, I decided to draw a card from the recently released Oracle of the Mermaids (Blue Angel 2013), and pulled the Crane Bag.

©Cavendish and Fenech
Meditating on this card, I noticed a panic arising in myself at the thought of de-cluttering.  Looking deeper into it, I realised that it came from a feeling that I "ought" to de-clutter my deck collection, yet I love that collection with a passion.  However, I feel guilty at the size of it, especially having just talked with my DH about needing to reorganise it to fit the space it's in.

Reading the companion book, though, it talks about making sure that the things we accumulate support our soul, rather than draining our energy.  Asking my heart, I realise that my connection with my decks is deep and pure.  Yes, I could live with a lot less decks.  On the other hand, I find them nourishing at a soul level, and I try to use them all, one way or another.  I love having access to them should a particular question arise, practical or spiritual, regarding decks.  I love the variety, I love what I learn from each one.

What comes up for me is that I feel guilty because other people have commented on my collection, and asked why I need so many decks.  The obvious answer is that I don't need them.  Yet, they do nourish me.  So, having consulted both gut and heart, the collection stays.

Where I do feel the need to de-clutter is in my living room.  I currently have five big piles of books dotted about, cluttering up the space.  I think this is largely because we have no book storage in the living room!  So, either we need some shelves, or else I have to find somewhere else for them, as having piles heaped on every surface is not a good look :(


  1. I cannot possibly de-clutter my deck collection either! Anything - clothes, shoes, bags, knick-knacks, books - but not my decks ;) I de-cluttered my books recently; got rid of all the novels I read. I won't be reading those again, so off to charity they went. Good luck with your de-cluttering venture, Kerry. You'll love the new space it will create ;)


    1. Hi Christiane, glad it's not just me ;) I de-cluttered two boxes worth of books and DVD's, and then bought some additional storage boxes for my decks, so at least they'll be tidy. And in the shelving space freed up by the de-clutter, I now have all my Lenormand books :D

  2. Nice reading. Don't give away the decks! If you love them and they nourish you then I say keep them. I like the mermaid oracle. I'm really into oracles. I may have to get this one soon.


    1. Don't worry, I won't give away the decks :) I know what you mean about oracles - I've been very tempted by the Messenger Oracle cards you posted recently ;D