Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Butterfly Frogs

Shapeshifters US Edition
“Yadda Yadda”!  That was my first response to drawing this card from the US edition of the Oracle of the Shapeshifters (Beyond Words, 2013).  This is one of the 18 cards that was totally re-vamped image-wise, and one of just two where every last thing seems to have been changed from the original version. 

When I first saw this card, I wondered why such a huge change had been made.  I liked the previous version, Poseidon’s Daughter (below from Blue Angel edition).  And the title and tag, talk about cliched!  You Are Unlike Anyone Else, a human snowflake, different but perfect in your own way, so don’t let anyone try to pigeon-hole you or tell you you’re wrong for being different, blah blah.  

Yes, of course I believe that to be true: that we are all unique, and that we have the right to not only be contradictory and different, but to express that uniqueness.  The companion book also says something along the lines of: if others tell you you’re neither this nor that (like the butterfly-frogs), and say you have to choose one or the other to fit their labels, tell them no.  All well and good, but that is definitely a hard place to be.  

Shapeshifters Australian Edition
And there’s the good bit about this card.  Though the artwork of this deck may be dreamy and “pretty”, there are some real messages here.  It isn’t easy to be considered strange, a freak, ugly, or just different.  Yet, that shouldn’t be reason enough for us to try to conform to other people’s expectations.

It’s funny, too, the way that everyone seems to have expectations.  In my day job, people expect rationality (I work with a lot of engineers and business types).  In the esoteric community, you’d think people would be more loosey-goosey, more open to difference.  Yet, my experience a few months ago was of being criticised in these circles for not being “traditional”.  

So, perhaps I do need this message that it’s okay to be neither this nor that, and just see where my butterfly wings will take me :D


  1. I like Poseidon's Daughter better. :)

    1. Yes, overall I prefer the Oz deck, too - edgier and darker suit me better ;) Still, there is something slightly "strange" with the butterfly frogs - they're not totally cute...

  2. A wonderfully thoughtful post! I like both of them, but I admit the butterfly/frog one is a bit more sweet/cheerful and the Poseidon's Daughter is a bit more suited to deep/darker feelings or topics. I like that they're both represented here.

    I think you're awesome the way you are--but I know the struggle of self-acceptance and fear of criticism. It's completely understandable considering the kind of microscope slide we live under. I joked about that to my hubby recently--that if people heard things that I was interested in and believed in--they'd think of me as the pinnacle of nutty and laughable.

    It would be so nice to never have to concern yourself about other people or their opinions but it's not something that can be done away with entirely. Sometimes I wish I could hole myself up and never have to risk being hurt by someone else's influence, but most of the time I realize my own negative self image and doubts are far more damaging than anything anyone else could say or do.

    ANYway. Sorry for the weird and long comment. I need to get to bed. I've had a terrible habit of going to bed late...


    1. Hiya MM,

      No need to apologise for commenting, it's always great to hear from you! I know what you mean about people thinking you nutty and laughable. It's something I've been worrying over a lot, lately. I may have to face-up to my day job finding out about at least some of the stuff I do, and what does that mean to me...

      And you're quite right, often it's our own doubts that are far more harmful than what others would think or say. Oy, we'll reach enlightened acceptance of our innate perfection one day, I hope ;)

      Hugs, and sleep tight!