Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lenormand-Inspired Thoughts...

Yesterday, I asked for a spiritual focus, and wondered if I should pull a line of five, or a double line of five.  But I just drew three cards from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004), and found that was more than enough!

In the Lily, Paths and Sun, I see so many possibilities!  There is the question of balance, of which path we choose: that of peace or that of energy?  Conversely, we could see them as the path of passion or the path of enlightenment!   

Breaking it down, it's possible to see Lily and Sun in the following dualities:

Lily                              Sun

cold                              hot
peace                            energy
meditation                    activity
passion                         enlightenment

This reminded me of some yogic thought on the difficulties of leading a spiritual life and an everyday life.  For example, in his book Yoga Mala, Patthabi Jois, the founder of Astanga Yoga, talks about what a "householder" can do, and when.  Bizarre (to my eyes) specifications of when a householder can have intercourse with his wife and still maintain a yogic attitude, for instance.

This is one of the things that I most value about paganism, the idea that spirituality is in nature, in the body, in everyday life, in sexuality.  That we don't have to live like monks, separated from the world, to lead a spiritual life.

The cards, then, say that on this spiritual path, I can embrace both meditation and activity, passion and enlightenment!  So mote it be )o(


  1. I, too, find that valuing our earthly lives is one of the most important and attractive aspects of paganism. The point of life is living it -- and if life isn't a big enough thing to worship, well, what is??

    1. Well, James Ricklef wrote an interesting post a little while back on whether we can ever really know the point of life:

      Still, I totally agree: life is worth embracing, living, honouring :)

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    3. Oops, it's clearly too early for me to be trying to post on blogs! I was just going to say 'point of life' was just a figure of speech -- I don't know what the point of life is and in fact I don't think there is one, really. I don't mean that in a negative way, I mean it in the most freeing, positive way possible. :)

    4. That's exactly what James Ricklef was getting at. If we can't know the point, we should just dive into life, and live it! Love how you said it, too :)