Friday, 10 May 2013

May New Moon Reading

Tarot of the Sidhe
For this new moon, I decided to draw two cards from the Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011) to represent what I need to leave behind at this time, and what I should move towards.  I received the Dreamer Prince and Maker Five "Winter's Bite".

As something to leave behind, I read the Dreamer Prince saying that I need to rein in my mind and my thoughts.  Especially critical thoughts, whether of myself or others.  As for Winter's Bite being something to move towards, I read this as needing to come to an acceptance of some difficult circumstances around my material and physical experience.  I notice the rays of sun peaking out from behind the mountain, which suggests that there is light on the horizon, an easing of these troubles.  Yet, those same rays appear to emanate from the Dreamer Prince's head, too.  This suggests I should not expect this hope to come from myself, but from the outside, from spirit.

Deciding to draw a line of three from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004) to look at how I can best achieve these things, I pulled Snake, Fox and Rider.

This moon time, then, transformation comes through skillful forward movement :)  It will require all my skills, and a willingness to keep moving, no matter how much the road winds and turns.  Reading the cards from a different perspective, the Rider in the "future" and the Snake in the "past" suggests using athletic pursuits to leave behind intelligence (Snake) gone into overdrive (Dreamer Prince).  And working smarter rather than harder is suggested by Snake and Fox, which will bring movement (Rider) to my material situation (Winter's Bite).

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