Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Meet the Sidhe: Maker Two

Tarot of the Sidhe
Here we have the Maker Two card from Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2012).  Last week, I did a reading for someone in which this card came up.  Hopefully, its message was helpful to her.  It struck me as having something interesting to say to me, too.

This card is quite unlike traditional Two of Pentacles cards which have a man juggling in front of a heaving sea.  In this Maker Two card we see a baby fey lying on the ground in amongst the roots of a tree in a green field.  A red umbilical cord joins the fey and the tree, disappearing into a bole in the trunk and snaking round like the Great Glyph of the Sidhe.  The sun seems to shine out from behind the tree, its rays lending a warm colour to the sky.  Two butterflies fly in opposite directions away from the tree, while the fey holds a flower gently in its hand.

Part of the message in this card for me has always been an environmental one.  After all, the card is subtitled Responsibility, and shows the Sidhe being intimately connected to the tree.  We need to find a balance in how we live on this planet, and how we interact with the other beings on it.

The surprise for me was in one line that I wrote in the reading I sent.  I said there was a "need to find a balance between enjoying the beauty of life and taking responsibility for what you create."   Often, when I write, words come that I don't consciously plan, they just flow.  It's one of the reasons I love blogging :)  

What I see in this for me is the delicate balance between the joy of creating and the responsibility to finish things.  The fey lies in the grass, looking at the flower in its hand, or perhaps at one of the butterflies.  It is in the moment, enjoying the sensual feast that its spot on the ground offers: the feel of the earth beneath it; the smell of grass and flowers; the play of light and shadows; the flit of butterfly wings; the freshness of the air around it.  Yet, without sustenance and continued care, the fey will cease to exist without every fulfilling its potential.  And if it doesn't nurture the tree in return, that too could wither and die.  

It is not enough to begin things, to enjoy the excitement of creation, the joy of seeing or hearing or playing with what we are making.  We also have to commit to that creation, to see it through.  While not every idea we have may come to fruition, without our taking responsibility for our ideas none of them are likely to become what they could be.  

I'm a fine one for getting distracted.  For example, I started a "Meet the Sidhe" series last summer, yet that remains unfinished.  And it may never get done, and that's okay: I know I still love this deck, and I can enjoy writing about it as and when the spirit moves me.  There are no consequences for not sticking to some self-imposed schedule.  

For some of my other projects, though, it's not okay if they never reach their conclusion.  Mainly when they involve other people, too.  So, this card is a reminder that despite my Gemini butterfly nature, there are times when I have to take responsibility for things I have started.  It also reminds me of the benefits of doing so: the possibility of creating the ephemeral beauty of a magnificent flower, or the more lasting wonder of a tree.  The size of the project doesn't matter, only that it becomes all it can be.  Okay, back to work then!


  1. 'There are no consequences for not sticking to some self-imposed schedule.'

    This is important. It's something I've worked on a lot. The last couple of years, I've swung far in the other direction (hardly following through on anything I start) to compensate for many years of being really down on myself and doggedly finishing what I start. I have just started a new project that I feel very positive about, so I intend to do my best to finish this one! :)

    1. Ah, interesting to hear that you had years of doggedly finishing what you start! Makes sense of some of what you've said. Reminds me, too, of a Kahuna retreat I went on and left early - the head Kahuna said that I needed to learn it was okay to not finish what I'd started :)

      Good luck being choiceful with what you do and don't complete!

  2. I'm a Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to work and finishing projects. I can be all ease and breeze or work myself into a corner. I blame it on the push and pull between my Aquarius rising and Scorpio Sun.

    I like this, "a need to find a balance between enjoying the beauty of life and taking responsibility for what you create." This speaks to the part of me that wants to find some middle ground so that I can get things done and still have time for daydreams and dandelion clocks :)

    1. Beautiful way of putting it, Sharon: to 'get things done and still have time for daydreams and dandelion clocks :)'

      Seems like this is often a struggle. There's what we need to do, what we want to do, and what we have time for...

  3. I also love Tarot of the Sidhe, and am using a card from it in a my post today! It is Dancer Ten, though.

    This Maker Two with the baby on it has puzzled me in the past; it is quite a departure from the usual juggling act seen in RWS. I like your insights on it, thank you for sharing them!