Monday, 17 June 2013

Spiritual Support

Today, while preparing for my meditation, I started wondering when I will change chants, and how to keep these ones feeling vibrant while I still feel called to them.  Given my son's health issues are currently pretty severe, I don't feel inclined to stop chanting for healing, and as I say, Tara was suggested to me as a deity in his pantheon at birth.  I guess, when I feel called to change them I will, but for the moment, although the 21 days is long over (now passed 28, I think), I shall stick with them.

I continued with visualising golden light while chanting to Dhanvantari.  And with the chant to Tara I visualised her image from the Goddess Oracle, and also a lotus blooming.  My thoughts slid to the next zentangle I want to do for her, and although visualising that was okay, when it degenerated into thinking about needing to get some different paper and how to take some tangle ideas with me on my trip this week, I firmly drew my straying thoughts back to Tara.

And that trip is what I see in today's cards.  Don't know why I felt drawn to the Mystical Kipper (AGMüller-Urania, 2006) for a change, but there you are.  These are: Military Person, A Journey, and Worries and Difficulties.

So, I need to be organised, regimented even, in my preparations for this trip.  No getting distracted by blogs or Facebook ;)  Have to make sure I have all I need with me, including a good attitude.  And though there may be worries and difficulties, I love the reminder in the last card that spirit is always with us, if we just think to open our eyes to it.  I shall remember that deity is love, feel myself enfolded in her embrace, and trust that she will watch over my family while I am gone.

Probably won't blog on here again til Thursday or Friday, as my internet over there is always very spotty.  See y'all later in the week :)


  1. Y'all. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    I think you should carry on with your mantra for as long as you like. Some people chant only one mantra all their lives. That has to be profound practice!

    1. Yeah, I'm being influenced by all you yanks, especially Arwen with her "Seek Joy, Y'all!" message :)

      I shall carry on with the chanting until it feels right to change... :) I doubt it'll be forever, as I'm a double Gemini, but we'll see ;)

    2. I don't know where Arwen is from, but I'm from Arkansas, and used y'all a hundred times a day. I also said 'prolly' for 'probably', and 'idn't it' for isn't it', 'tarred' for 'tired'...well, in fact I pretty much still do all those things. I hardly ever use 'y'all' anymore though. The first time I did it, someone over here made fun of me. I also quickly stopped saying 'candy' when I was mocked 'Yah ont some cayundee???' Well I didn't know I sounded like that!

    3. Ha, different accents are one of the joys of life. Wouldn't it be boring if we all sounded the same!