Friday, 14 June 2013

Walking Meditation

Earlier this week, Eowyn talked about doing a walking meditation.  As I wanted to get out bright and early to take some photos for a charity project I'm involved with, I decided that would be a good way to go.  So, with mala beads in hand, I walked through the local heath, chanting in my head.  First to Dhanvantari, then to Tara.  I didn't do visualisations, but focused on the pace of my chanting and walking, and on being open to the beauty and sounds around me.

When I reached where I wanted to take the photos, I stopped and focused on that.  Then, on my way back home, I chanted in my head, but stopped to take some more pics.  It was a lovely way to start the morning, and I went back to bed after and slept a little, though with unpleasant dreams.  I've been meditating daily for about eight weeks now, and can't say I've noticed an improvement in my sleep quality or duration.  Good thing that's not the only reason I meditate!

I love the vibrancy of this copper tree (not sure it's a beech).  Sadly, you can't really make out the bee in the top of the two small photos, but I was glad to see it!  And then, a bit of the beauty of life finding a place for itself in even the tiniest nook :)


  1. That photo is lovely, how did you get three in one frame like that?

    1. My first attempt with pic monkey, which several people had recommended, including Magic Mentha. Like befunky, it's a free, on-line photo-editing site :) You can also put backgrounds on these kind of collage images, though I haven't figured that out yet...

    2. Pic monkey! It's all too much for me!(I still feel quite chuffed to have figured out how to get a photo from the card to my PC to my blog!)

    3. Picmonkey and befunky are both remarkably easy to use. I'm guessing you get extra backgrounds and stuff if you pay a subscription to them, but the basic stuff is still pretty good :)