Friday, 26 July 2013

How to Cope?

After yesterday's reading, this morning I decided to draw three more cards from the Mystical Kipper (Königsfurt-Urania, 2007) to look at what I can best do to deal with my fears around my son's hospital visit.

This is a far nicer line, though at first glance a little unhelpful: a Nice, Rich Man, a Rich Girl, and Sad News.  Using a traditional, predictive style, it could be read as a Business Man and his Trophy Wife bring sad news.  And how would that help me?  Well, schadenfreude I guess, that they have sad news while I just have some anxiety.  Or, if their news is bad, statistically I have a better chance.  All piffle!

The way I read these is that what will help me is first of all focusing on the abundance in my life.  The abundance of material necessities, and the ability to strategically use them, and the abundance of kind support.  In other words, think carefully about what to pack for the hospital visit to make it as pleasant and easy as possible for my son, and appreciate and accept the support of the kind people around me: that definitely includes you, Eowyn, and you, Magic Mentha!  Finally, to accept that this is a difficult time, and that it's okay to feel sad and worried, yet that prayer and faith will help :)


  1. I wish I would do more that send good wishes! But I do send them 100 fold! I find that when I am anxious readings feel less effective. But that could just be me. Have you tried oracle decks like that mermaid one you have? Sometimes it helps to use something uplifting.

    1. Hi MM,

      Your good wishes are much appreciated! As for the cards, I actually found these really helpful. I've been writing up a list of things to take with us, so that packing will be easier. And I've been focusing on uplifting thoughts and prayers :) I liked that this was quite a practical reading, rather than something more happy-clappy, if you know what I mean ;)


    2. Sure! I do know what you mean. Sometimes, iif a reading is too sweet, it has the effect if pissing me off because I can tell it is an exaggeration. So as long as it isn't pure doom and gloom it can be very helpful.

      Excuse my typos. This is kinda touchy to type on and it doesn't always let me erase without a fight!


    3. Yeah, smartphones are great, but they do have their downsides :) And yes, too sweet readings can annoy me, too!

      Huge hugs,