Friday, 19 July 2013

Predictive Reading

This morning, I pulled three cards as a predictive reading on my DH and I trying for another child.  Then, I realised I'd asked almost exactly the same thing earlier this week.  On Monday, though, I'd asked what I needed to know about it, and the reading was helpful.  This time, I asked whether it would work out, so a slightly different question, asking for a predictive answer.

I don't often do predictive readings, and I even less often post them, as I often feel they are unhelpful.  For most things in life, we have at least some power to affect the outcome, and a predictive reading can mess with our heads, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Which is fine if the cards are good, but not so great if they spell doom and gloom.

Anyhow, I decided to do it anyway, and hope that the positive-ish answer will help me keep my spirits up.  Though the cards don't suggest I'll be able to update any time soon!  I drew from the Mystical Lenormand (K√∂nigsfurt-Urania, 2004) and got: Paths, Snake, Sun: a winding path to success.

When I drew these cards from a fan, two other cards fell out on the floor.  I was drawn to look at them, and thought they formed a helpful adjunct to the actual reading: Fox and Lilies.

As always, and even with predictive readings, I tend to take a psychological approach to the cards.  So, in the main reading, I saw the Snake as detours and a winding path, rather than imagining that some other woman is going to affect my choices.  So, too, with the Fox and Lilies, I don't read it saying that an older man will deceive me.  Rather, it speaks to me of using my meditative skills to help me in this question.  If I can find some inner calm, I am likely to better weather the circuitous path that faces me :)

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