Sunday, 25 August 2013

New Project in the Pipeline

Well, my weekend with friends certainly helped my meditation mojo, I haven't missed another day so far :)  On Thursday and Friday I chanted to the Goddess, on Saturday I chanted to Ganesha, and on Sunday I chanted to Yemaya.  It was a lovely, mostly relaxing time, with plenty of card readings, good food, some yoga and a little ritual.

On these weekends, I generally take cards, and we have group conversations around what comes out.  One I did for myself used a Horseshoe Spread to look at a work project, the idea for which I've been tossing around for a while, but which I feel I'm ready to move from the drawing board to the execution phase.

The positions are: past, present, upcoming future, action to take, external influences, hopes and fears, and potential outcome.

The Six of Swords in the past speaks to me of how I came up with the idea for this: it served as a way of escaping other worries and stresses in my life.  In the present, the Hermit says that I am still looking inward to find the right way to do things.  As the upcoming future, the Eight of Pentacles says it's very nearly time to get to work and actually start making this idea into a reality.  That's backed up by the Ace of Wands in the action to take position: time to take up the baton and get things moving!  In the external influences spot, the Five of Wands makes a lot of sense.  This project is going to put a few noses out of joint.   However, the Eight of Swords in the hopes and fears position reminds me not to let my fear of other people's judgements paralyse me, and recommends that I turn my attention inward, rather than listening to the criticisms.  Finally the Page of Pentacles says this project is ready to step out into the light of day, and that I will learn plenty of practical things in the process.  Also, that it may be a small step in a good direction financially :)

It was useful for me to talk through the criticism I know this project will face, and how to deal with it.  And I love that there are a couple of "get going" cards here.  I won't be able to make a start for another three or four days.  Still, given that this is a project that will take a good six months to bring to completion, I think I can live with that :D


  1. Wow, am I curious about this new work project!! Glad to hear you had fun with your friends. x

    1. Ha, it'll be a while before I'm willing to unveil anything publicly, but I'll tell you now, it has to do with faeries ;)