Sunday, 18 August 2013

Where Do I Put My Energy?

I've not done great on my meditating this week, having skipped three days.  In fact, that's the worst I've done in terms of consistency since mid-April.  However, when I sat on my bolster this morning, none of that mattered, as I had a powerful experience during my Goddess chant, calling on each Goddess in turn to help support me and my son on our hospital trip tomorrow.  I cried a little at one point, then felt buoyed and strong as I called on different Goddess aspects.  Isis, for her determination to look after those she loves, Tara for her compassion, Oya for her clarity and focus, Brigid for her healing powers, Cerridwen for her willingness to accept the cycles of life, Hekate for her ability to guard the spirits of soul's in transit, Kali for her strength in conquering fears, Durga for her boundary-setting, and Yemaya for deep nurturing.

When I drew three cards, shown here from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004), they made me think firstly about my not having meditated very consistently this week.

I read this as saying that I should let my energy flow to where it is guided, even if that is simply work.  And this week, the reason I didn't meditate was because my energy was on some work deadlines, as well as an exciting new project (well, it's been on the back burner for a while, but has been pulled to the fore now).

However, it could also be read as finding the clarity to balance joy and work.  I don't think I've done too badly on that, overall.  Yet, I do consider meditation important, and am disappointed that I let it slip a bit this week.  There's also something there about the joy of work, and being guided to the work that brings me most joy.  Not always a good idea, as there are often other factors, like deadlines and other people's needs.  I didn't do as well on that front, following my passion more than my rational priorities this week.  Ah, well, balance is a process, not a place!


  1. This trio feels promising and uplifting to me, like a fresh start. I think it is good to be irrational and irregular sometimes...too tiring to do things perfectly anyhow! Maybe your interpretation of allowing your energy flow more free rein is right on the money!!!

    1. Sadly, I think I really need to get some focus and buckle down. After I complete the project I'm working on now, I can slack off a lot more and allow myself to follow my own flow. For the moment, though, I'm about to fail a deadline if I don't whip myself into shape :(