Thursday, 5 September 2013

September New Moon

Today is the New Moon, and so after a lovely meditation that started with the Goddess chant and then moved into silence and a feeling of connection, I drew some cards.  Once again, I used the wonderful Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011), which never fails to delight me.

What should I release over this lunation?  Dancer Queen - The Gift of Truth
I read this in two different ways.  First, there is the idea of releasing the negative side of the Dancer Queen (Queen of Cups).  So, a message not to get all dramatic about my emotions, to let go of past hurts, and to not be manipulative or resort to emotional blackmail.  I can certainly see where letting go of emotions from the past is very relevant to me right now!

Second, in a more literal way, this says: release the truth.  That's something I've just started doing this week, rather tentatively.  Still, the two aspects together say: don't let emotional hurts from the past stop you from speaking your truth now.  So, I shall open up a little more here, especially given the second card in this reading.

What should I embrace over this lunation?  The Hanged Man
What I need to embrace is my powerlessness to affect some of the situations in my life.  Specifically, I'm pregnant again, and just got the all clear last week that this baby doesn't have any serious genetic issues.  So, I'm at 13 weeks and still have a long way to go, during which all I can do is eat well, rest as much as possible, exercise gently, and pray. 

For me, the Hanged Man is often rather like a caterpillar in its cocoon, a time when we don't appear to be doing anything, or even to be able to do anything.  Yet, it is a fertile time of preparation.  That fits well with being pregnant, not seeming to do much nor take on much, yet there is plenty going on.  I need to embrace this seeming inactivity, to not try and push to be busy.  That's not always easy for me, but I'll certainly give it a go this month :)


  1. What wonderful news. I am so happy for you. Please take your rest now. You deserve it; both you and the little one. This Hanged man will teach you how to let go and let God(dess)……. I will keep you in my prayers

    1. Thanks, Ellen! We've been trying for a while, and it's been a bumpy journey. Yes, I'm not great at letting go and letting Goddess, but I shall work on it :)
      Hugs, Kx

  2. You are an inspiration...honestly! This makes me happy. Even after my sister had her baby I kept getting pregnancy cards and considering it is highly unlikely it is me I suspected you. Sending goodness to you--and I am always around to harass for any reason!


    1. Thanks, MM. I was very hesitant about talking about it this time, after all that's happened in the past. Otherwise I would have told you last month when you commented on the Empress, and in a couple of your posts with baby cards :)

      I'm so grateful this one seems like it's healthy and has a good chance of being born...

      Huge hugs,

  3. The Hanged Man is a very fitting card for pregnancy, yes. And in this particular card the circular pattern reminds me of a big round belly. :-)I'm very happy for you!

    1. I hadn't noticed the patterns as being like a belly, but I did think it looked a bit like a birthing canal, going down towards a dark hole, with life-giving green swirling above/beyond :) Many thanks, Siddaleah :D