Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Image of Rama
This morning, I chanted (Sri Ram Jai Ram) and meditated for the first time in nearly two weeks - far too long!  I also asked the cards, in the form of the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004) for some words of wisdom.

Now, I'm one of those people who tends to leave extra cards in my decks.  However, I'm still not quite sure about the extra cards that are available for the Mystical Lenormand (though they don't actually come with it).  My problem with them is that they are so purely spiritual/mystical: an ancestors card, a spirit guides card, a power animals card and an angels card.  Although I often ask for spiritual messages, my idea of the spiritual is quite a practical one.  Being advised to chant or go for a walk in nature are spiritual messages I can get behind.  Being asked to connect with my spirit guides is a bit trickier, especially if I ask a practical, rather than spiritual question.  Writing this, I feel a bit daft, after all, I'm sure it's always a good idea to connect with your spiritual side, even if you're just going shopping.  Still, these cards, especially the spirit guides and power animals cards, sometimes stump me.

So, in typical fashion, the cards decided to press my buttons today, after so long without seeking their guidance or focusing on my spiritual practice.  The two I find hardest BOTH appeared in my reading!

The Owls card fell out of the deck while I was shuffling (though I didn't know what it was at the time), so I placed it at the top as a theme card.  Then, I drew three more cards: Fish, Spirit Guides, Power Animals.

This time round, I had asked for a spiritual message for the day, and I had on my mind the fact that I haven't meditated in quite a while.  So, these cards made a lot of sense.  The Owls can indicate wisdom and messages, and I've also had it showing chanting: all relevant here.  As for the line of three, it says to me that I need to get back into the flow of connecting with my spirit guides and animal guide.  Connecting, too, with my innate, animal nature - look at that wolf howling, calling its fellows to it.

Even then, I felt some resistance: just how am I supposed to connect with my spirit guides?  I've done a few meditations designed for you to meet your spirit guide, but haven't found any of them particularly helpful (as opposed to an animal guide one, which I adore).  Then I actually looked at the card.

Chop Wood, Carry Water
Yes, I know you don't normally focus on the images in Lenormand readings, but I was struggling here, and had already taken what I could from the keywords.  I noticed the samurai in the background, and the little Chinese guy mixing herbs.  They reminded me of karma yoga - spirituality put into action in the everyday.  There's a lot going on in my life right now, and I haven't been making the time for a separate spiritual practice as much as I would like.  However, that shouldn't stop me from being aware, from chanting in my head as I walk around or do the dishes or the laundry.  It shouldn't stop me thinking about my connection with the universe, even as I chop vegetables or write emails.

The point is, I need to bring spirituality into my everyday life more, seeing as I'm not making as much space for it separately.  I also need to remember that my connection with others is part of my connection with spirit, and to remember to honour the divine in all those I interact with.

While I'm still not convinced about these extra cards, I do appreciate their message today :)


  1. Oke, this is a coincidence. I've just posted a reply to you with the same Zen quotation about the wood and the water. For me it is also a struggle to really be aware of were I am and what I do; to be in the moment and transform an action onto in a meditation. It is all about changing your perspective and keeping your focus
    (((Kerry))) :)

    1. Love synchronicities like that :) Yes, definitely about changing perspective, and also staying aware - it's so easy to fall back into old patterns... :)

  2. That is really interesting. I've seen the same thing happen to my husband. His least favorite cards are the overly religious, syrupy ones that say, 'Your dead loves ones and guides and angels are contacting you' and so forth. It's almost like a taunt. Almost every oracle card reading I do for him says things like that. It's kind of a running joke. I think it's very important to define your own spirituality, even if that's just some meditation and alone time. It doesn't have to be anything you don't want it to be.


    1. Hee hee, the cards do like to push our buttons! And you're quite right, we each choose/make our own spirituality. Or maybe that should just be "explore" :)