Monday, 4 November 2013

November New Moon Reading

Another moon has gone by, and so for the New Moon I drew two cards from the Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2011).

This reading says to me that I need to release my over-thinking side, and also the idea that I can connect with spirit through purely mental means.  Instead, I need to embrace an earthier spirituality, and a more physical connection with the world.  This makes perfect sense to me.  As I move further into my pregnancy, my body changes more, and my connection with my baby comes to the fore.  This is a very physical experience, and trying to narrow things to a more mental outlook just isn't going to work, even though it is one I normally feel more comfortable with.

This reading also reminds me that I need to prioritise.  Making sure there is a warm, welcoming home for my baby to come into, and that I take care of myself and it, are top priority.  Other things, no matter how fun or stimulating, may need to take a back seat.  I can't go drifting off on an airy bubble of thoughts and dreams, I need to stay practical.


  1. Being pregnant it both a physical and a spiritual experience; a body is created, a spirit has descended, a bond is forged. My dear Kerry you are the Empress and High priestess in this period of your life. Ravel in it! :)

    1. What a lovely way of putting it, Ellen! Thank you, I shall certainly try to revel in it. I'm not sure I'm a natural Empress - I think of myself more as a Brigid or Artemis than a Demeter. Still, the lived experience draws something different out of me :)

  2. This is lovely--very well written! I agree about how intensely physical and primal pregnancy is! Whoo boy!

    I knew you were in the process of selling your house and then moving. Where are you in that process? Have you moved yet? I hope you get settled ASAP! It is pretty unsettling not to be settled (duh...hee) and I know I feel completely crazy until the moving transition and unpacking is done and I have at least several weeks under my belt in the new place.

    Also: didn't you get this card in the Embrace position for another reading not too long ago?


    1. Ha, yes, it came up in the same position last moon! The cards seem to be quite clear - drop other things and just focus on the baby and making a space for it :)

      We're not moving yet, I'm afraid. The new place needs a few bits done. Mostly minor stuff, but in particular I don't want my son to have to breathe paint fumes, as he's already got breathing issues. So, we'll wait til that's all done before moving - hopefully in January *crosses fingers*

      Big hugs to you,